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Hearing Aid Cleaning Tools & Kits

As hearing aids are a daily wear item, it's important to have a daily and weekly cleaning routine using effective hearing aid cleaners. This keeps hearing aids in top working condition, maximizes their lifespan, and most importantly, keeps the user safe from bacteria and pathogens. There are a variety of hearing aid cleaning tools available, including hearing aid sanitizers that employ UV light, overnight dryers using fans and desiccants, hearing aid cleaning kits, and hearing aid vacuums, among many others.

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Different Varieties of Hearing Aid Cleaners

Cleaners can be roughly divided into two categories: hearing aid cleaning tools and hearing aid sanitizers and dryers. Hearing aid cleaning tools feature active cleaning options like small vacuums, brushes, and other specialized tools to clean and remove wax from the hearing aid. Passive cleaning options, such as hearing aid sanitizer and dryer stations, use fans and desiccants to dry the hearing aids when they're not in use. Some also use UV light to sterilize.


Finding the Right Hearing Aid Cleaning Tools

It is important to get the correct type of cleaner in order to get the desired result. In some cases, multiple types of cleaners may be the best course of action. Vitality Medical has several different types of hearing aid cleaners available to buy.


Hearing Aid Cleaning Tools and Kits

These hearing aid cleaners are for occasional or weekly cleaning to prevent and remove wax buildup. They include hearing aid cleaning wipes, brushes, vacuums, and more. Active care and maintenance are critical for the functionality and longevity of hearing aids and can help prevent costly professional cleanings.


Jodi Consumer Hearing Aid Vacuum


The Jodi-Consumer Hearing Aid Vacuum is a small, portable vacuum, which is designed specifically to clean hearing aids by removing ear wax and debris.

Audio Kit Hearing Aid Cleaner


The Audio Kit Hearing Aid contains a holder with five hearing aid cleaning tools for daily hearing aid cleaning and maintenance. This hearing aid cleaning kit includes a hearing aid cleaning brush for wax removal, a wax removal pick, a tube vent cleaner, a hearing aid battery door opener, and a battery magnet.


Hearing Aid Dryers and Sanitizers

Passive hearing aid cleaners like dryers and sanitizers are designed to be used when the hearing aid is not in use, typically overnight. These cleaners generally consist of an enclosure where the hearing aid is stored and dried with gently warmed air that's moved over the hearing aids with a fan. Sometimes a desiccant is used to absorb moisture in conjunction with the warm air. These cleaning units often disinfect the hearing aids with UV light.


Global II Hearing Aid Conditioner


The Dry and Store Global II Hearing Aid Conditioner dries and disinfects many types of hearing instruments. This unit uses warm circulated air and Dry & Store Dry Brik Desiccant, along with UV light as a disinfectant.

Zephyr Travel Hearing Aid Dryer


The Dry & Store Zephyr Travel Hearing Aid Dryer keeps hearing aids clean and dry at home and during travel It cleans all types of hearing devices. This lightweight, portable device makes it possible to clean hearing aids anywhere!


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