What is the Difference Between Rx and OTC Vacuum Erection Devices?

Both the Rx and OTC vacuum erection devices are FDA-approved and safe when used as directed. However, in order to qualify for insurance reimbursement, you must purchase an Rx version. Be sure to check with your insurance rep. to make sure you qualify for reimbursement. Vitality Medical cannot guarantee reimbursement.

There are more benefits to Rx versions of products. Here are the differences by manufacturer:

  • Pos-T-Vac Rx versions come with a higher grade ED pump.
  • Encore OTC Erection Pumps can be reimbursed by insurance, but coverage varies widely, so check with your insurance representative.
  • Timm Osbon Medical OTC versions require both hands to operate. The Rx versions only need one hand to operate.

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