How Does A Penis Pump Work for Erectile Dysfunction?

How does a penis erection pump work?

First, the user expands the Penis Ring over the bottom of the plastic cylinder. Either by hand or with the help of a loading cone.

Secondly, to promote a proper suction seal, Lubricant is applied to the base of the penis, the bottom of the plastic cylinder and inside the tube to allow the penis to easily be drawn into the tube once suction is applied.

Thirdly, the penis is inserted into the tube and the tube is pushed against the base of penis and body to create a proper seal.

Fourth, suction is initiated by either a Manual ED Pump, such as the POS-T-Vac IVP 600 Manual Erection System or an Automatic Battery Erection Pump such as the Encore ImpoAid Vacuum Erection Device (OTC). As negative pressure develops the penis is engorged with blood and an erection is achieved.

Fifth, after the erection is achieved the elastic penis ring is slipped off the tube to the bottom of the shaft of the penis and the erection is maintained. The plastic cylinder is removed for intercourse.

One of the best choices for vacuum erection therapy is the Osbon ErecAid. ErecAid is an FDA approved, and a non-invasive option with minimal side effect risk. Unlike oral medications and injections, you control the timing of the erection and maintain complete control with no pressure to perform.

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