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Poly-Fly Wheelchair and Transport Chair - Drive Medical

TOP Features:
  • Dual-Purpose Wheelchair
  • Works for standard self-wheeling and transport
  • Has exchangeable 8 and 24 inch wheels
  • Includes anti-tippers for added safety
  • Made from a long-lasting aluminum
  • Footrests are swing-away
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18 W x 16 D Inch Seat Foldable Aluminum Self-Propelled/ Transport Chair



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20 W x 16 D Inch Seat Foldable Aluminum Self-Propelled/ Transport Chair



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18 W x 16 D Inch Seat Foldable Aluminum Self-Propelled/ Transport Chair - Each


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20 W x 16 D Inch Seat Foldable Aluminum Self-Propelled/ Transport Chair - Each


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Drive Poly-Fly Wheelchair Overview

The Poly-Fly wheelchair is a versatile hybrid wheelchair with both standard, self-propelled and easy transport capabilities. Always attached are two sets of 8-inch wheels that function for transport purposes. This mode is for when a second person will be pushing the wheelchair as the user will not be able to push the wheels themselves. Smaller wheels both make the wheelchair much lighter and easier to fit into tighter spaces, both ideal features for day trips. Removing the large wheels can also make the wheelchair easier to store and transport in a vehicle. Detachable 24-inch wheels are also included for standard wheelchair use when the user wants to push themselves at home or out and about.

The Poly-Fly lightweight transport/wheelchair combo includes anti-tippers and swing-away footrests for added safety. In addition, leg rests are elevated for user comfort. This product comes in a classic back color and is supplied with a durable nylon upholstery. The frame is a light silver color to create an attractive contrast. This frame is made out of made out of a lightweight but sturdy and long-lasting aluminum. Three sizes are available:

  • Drive Medical TR16: 16" W x 16" D
  • Drive Medical TR18: 18" W x 16" D
  • Drive Medical TR20: 20" W x 16" D

Features and Benefits

  • Two-in-One Standard and Transport
  • Four 8-Inch Transport Wheels
  • Removable 24-Inch Wheels
  • Anti-Tippers
  • Sturdy Aluminum Frame
  • Classic Back and Silver Color
  • Durable Nylon Upholstery
  • Swing-Away Footrests
  • Elevated Leg Rests
  • Heel Loops
  • Two Easy to Reach Wheel Lock Sets
  • 8-Inch Casters
  • Back Support Lock Mechanism
  • Deluxe Back Release
  • Fold-Down Back
  • Front-Rigging Optional
  • 250 lb Weight Capacity
Poly-Fly Wheelchair

Why Choose the Poly-Fly Lightweight Wheelchair?

This wheelchair is a great option for users who are interested in the following all-in-one features and capabilities:

  • An enduring, dependable, and versatile wheelchair.
  • Optional self-propel action.
  • Optional 24-inch wheel removal for lightweight and easy transportation.
  • Swing away footrests and anti-tippers for added safety and convenience.
Poly-Fly Wheel Removal

Poly-Fly Wheelchair User Guide

Use Instructions

To open the chair:

  1. Tilt the chair to one side.
  2. Press the seat rails down.
  3. Lift the backrest up until it locks into position.

To attach the footrests:

  1. Locate the pegs on the front legs of the wheelchair.
  2. Line up the holes on the footrest arms with the pegs and attach.

To adjust the footrests:

Note: The lowest part of the footrest should be at least 2 1/2 inches above the ground at all times. This margin is needed so the wheelchair has plenty of clearance space.

  1. Locate the adjustment/lock knobs on the footrest legs.
  2. Release the adjustment/lock knob.
  3. Adjust as necessary.
  4. Retighten tightly and securely.

To adjust to a self-propelled chair:

  1. Lift up on the back side of the wheelchair.
  2. Locate the quick release button on the one of the attached 24-inch wheels.
  3. Push the quick release button down.
  4. As indicated by the diagram on the right, slide the wheel into the top axle.
  5. The 8-inch casters are already attached to the chair. No further action is needed.

To remove the footrests:

  1. Release the adjustment/lock knob.
  2. Swing the leg out and then back.
  3. Lift the footrest up and out.

To close the chair:

  1. Pull up on the backrest locks at the same time.
  2. Fold the backrest back down.
  3. Refold the chair.
Tranquility User Benefits


Poly-Fly Wheelchair (3:03 minutes)


Product Cleaning and Maintenance

Regular maintenance of this item is an essential element of a long wheelchair lifespan.


  • Use a mild soap and water to wash the upholstery. Dry right away.
  • Clean the chair frame with a non-abrasive, fresh cloth at least once a week.
  • Use a damp cloth to clean the tires from time to time.
  • Use an auto wax to polish the frame once a month.


  • Self-inspect your wheelchair regularly to ensure proper function and condition.
  • Always dry the chair right away if it gets wet.
  • Inspect the wheels and their function at least once every month. If there is side play, locate the axle's lock nut. Loosen the lock nut. Tighten the axle just enough to correct the side play.
  • If the tires become badly worn or crack, replace them immediately.
  • Bring this chair into a qualified repair center or dealer for regular repair inspection.
  • In the case that upholstery tears, replace it as soon as possible for safety. If it rips the chair may no longer be able to support the user.

Poly-Fly Wheelchair Parts

Drive Poly-Fly Parts

Product Safety


  • This product is not safe for use as a seat in a vehicle.
  • Stepping on the footplates while in the process of a transfer may result in the wheelchair being tipped over.

Getting into or out of the chair

  • The front casters must be in the positioned to the front. Always lock the back wheels.


  • Leaning is not advised as it can cause the chair to tip over.
  • Ask for assistance and make sure the casters are in the forward position if leaning is necessary.
  • When picking something up from the floor, ride forward so you are in front of the object and then wheel backwards so the casters flip forward before picking it up.

    Ramp Use

    • Correct ramp use techniques should be used whenever in a wheelchair. Some techniques will be specific to the user's individual needs and abilities.
    • Talk to a qualified professional and healthcare practitioner about the safest ways to navigate ramps.

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    Product Specifications
    • Manufacturer: Medline
    • Brand: Poly-Fly
    • Item Number: TR16, TR18, TR20
    • Application: Mobility Aid
    • Type: Wheelchair
    • Style: Standard and Transport Convertible
    • Frame Color: Silver
    • Seat Color: Black
    • Legrests: Swing-Away
    • Frame Material: Aluminum
    • Upholstery: Nylon
    • Height (w/ 24 Inch Wheels): 37 Inch
    • Width Open (w/ 24 Inch Wheels): 24.5 Inch (TR16), 26.5 Inch (TR18), 29 Inch (TR20)
    • Width Closed (w/ 24 Inch Wheels): 12 Inch
    • Length (w/ Riggings): 42 Inch
    • Seat to Floor Height: 19.5 Inch
    • Seat Width: 16 Inch (TR16), 18 Inch (TR18), 20 Inch (TR20)
    • Seat Depth: 16 Inch
    • Back Height: 16 Inch
    • Front Wheel Size: 8 Inch
    • Back Transport Wheel Size: 8 Inch
    • Back Standard Wheel Size: 24 Inch
    • Weight (w/ 24 Inch Wheels): 33 lbs (TR16), 34 lbs (TR18), 36 lbs (TR20)
    • Shipping Weight: 38 lbs (TR16), 39 lbs (TR18), 41 lbs (TR20)
    • Weight Capacity: 250 lbs

    Warranty Information

    This product comes with a Drive Medical lifetime limited warranty. Non-durable parts are not included under this coverage. These include casters, grips, and rubber parts. This warranty covers damage caused by the manufacturer and does not cover typical wear and tear or customer negligence or misuse of this product.

    Manuals and Documents
    • pdf logo   PDAC contains model number and HCPCS code.


    Product Videos


    The Poly Fly Wheelchair, the Best Travel Wheelchair (3:27 minutes)



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WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals, including Styrene, which is known to the State of California to cause cancer.
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