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DeVilbiss iFill Personal Oxygen ReFill Station


By DeVilbiss

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iFill Personal Oxygen Station provides for home oxygen cylinder refill.
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iFill Oxygen Station - REFURB FULL WARRANTY




iFill Oxygen Station




iFill Oxygen Station with 2-C-CF Cylinders and Carrying Case




iFill Oxygen Station with 2-C PD1000 Cylinders and Carrying Case




iFill Oxygen Station with 2-D-CF Cylinders and Carrying Case




iFill Oxygen Station with 2-D PD1000 Cylinders and Carrying Case




iFill Oxygen Station with 2-E-CF Cylinders and Carrying Cart




iFill Oxygen Station with 2-E PD1000 Cylinders and Carrying Cart




C Cylinder with iFill Adapter and 870 Post




D Cylinder with iFill Adapter and 870 Post




iFill Oxygen Station with 2-M6 PD1000 Cylinders and Carrying Case




iFill Oxygen Station with 2-M6-CF Cylinders and Carrying Case





DeVilbiss iFill Personal Oxygen Station - Product Number 535D

DeVilbiss Healthcare Reseller

iFill Personal Oxygen Station refills oxygen cylinders from your home. Manufactured by DeVilbiss, the iFill Personal Oxygen Station extracts oxygen from room air using Oxygen Concentrator technology and pressurizes it to fill various sized oxygen tanks. Oxygen Cylinders can now be safely and quickly refilled within your own home. The refill stationmakes it easy and convenient to fill Portable Oxygen Tanks in the home to provide greater freedom to come and go as you please. This new oxygen tank refill system revolutionizes the freedom of oxygen therapy patients. The iFill is a transfill device that provides the flexibility to refill most oxygen tank sizes, including the M4, M6, ML6, C, D, and E cylinders which use the PulseDose Oxygen Conserving Device interface or a regulator interface. (Note: Must be used with an iFill Cylinder.) The device allows Oxygen Therapy users to fill their oxygen cylinders in just a little over an hour. The shorter fill time saves you time and money. Partially filled cylinders can be easily topped off. The machine will automatically shut off when filling is complete.

iFill Oxygen Station may be purchased with oxygen cylinders, a PulseDose Oxygen Conserving Device or regulator interface. Several packaged options are provided to meet individual oxygen therapy needs.

DeVilbiss iFill Personal Oxygen ReFill Station Features

iFill Oxygen Cylinder Refill Station

Oxygen Tank Refill Machine Easy Connection

Cylinders Features

DeVilbiss iFill Personal Oxygen ReFill Station Features & Benefits

  • Fills iFill proprietary cylinders.
  • Simple 3-step operation.
  • iFill system can be used with any manufacturer’s concentrator.
  • Syncs with standard 870 post valves, PulseDose Conserver PD1000 or continuous flow regulators.
  • Easy and convenient for you to fill portable oxygen cylinders right in your home.
  • An M6 iFill cylinder can be filled in just a little over an hour – not the two hours it can take with other in-home oxygen filling units.
  • iFill can be placed and used virtually anywhere in the home, minimizing noise and disruption to daily life.
  • Flexible to fill a wide range of cylinders from the M4 and M6, popular for traveling, to back-up E cylinders.
  • Intuitive design is easy to use – simply align the cylinder’s nipple connector with the fill connector on the unit and click into place.
  • Easy-roll casters make iFill easy to move and store when not in use.
  • Control panel light signals when cylinder is filling and when it is full.
  • Large cylinder release ring is designed for individuals with limited dexterity; requires little pressure to depress.
  • May be used to top off oxygen tanks that may be partially filled.
  • Oxygen cylinders can be filled as often and whenever you need.
  • Connectors on the cylinder and iFill unit simply click into place.
  • Control panel lights indicate when the cylinder is filling and when the cylinder is full.

Below are key features of the iFill and their locations on the machine.

DeVilbiss iFill Oxygen Cylinder refill Device

DeVilbiss iFill Oxygen Tank Transfill Device

Oxygen Tank Refill Machine Easy Connection

Below are highlights of the three types of oxygen cylinders that the iFill will accommodate.

iFill 870 Post Valve Cylinder Features

iFill Continuous Flow Regulator-Cylinder Features

iFill PD1000A Oxygen Conserver Features

DeVilbiss iFill Oxygen Cylinder Refill System Specifications

DeVilbiss iFill Oxygen Cylinders

DeVilbiss iFill Personal Oxygen Station


  • iFill Product Number: 535D.
  • Width: 12.25”
  • Height: 28.5”
  • Depth: 22.5”
  • Weight: 66 lbs.
  • Noise: 50 dBA.
  • Oxygen Purity: 90 to 96%.
  • Operating Pressure Range: 500 to 2250 PSIG tank pressure.
  • Maximum Operating Altitude: 6,562 feet above sea level.
  • Safety Standard: meets DOT-3AL.
  • Fill Time (M6 Cylinder): 75 minutes.
  • Electrical Requirements: 115V/60Hz, 4.1 Amps
  • Average Power Consumption: 400 Watts.
  • Manufacturer: DeVilbiss.
  • iFill Oxygen Station Warranty: 3 yrs or 3,000 hours, whichever comes first.

The charts below reflect the specifications for the iFill oxygen cylinders and the number of hours an oxygen-filled cylinder will last when used with a PulseDose® Conserving Device or a Continuous Flow Regulator. Note: All ambulatory ranges are calculated assuming a breath rate of 20 breaths per minute in PulseDose (PD) mode.

DeVilbiss iFill Oxygen Cylinders Specifictions

iFill Oxygen Tank Duration Chart

Oxygen Cylinder Re-fill Station Resources

Certified Oxygen Concentrator Specialist Seal

iFill Oxygen Cylinder Refill Systems Gives You More Freedom

Certified Oxygen Specialist - Vitality Medical has Certified Oxygen Specialist who can answer your questions about the DeVilbiss iFill and any of the other oxygen refill machines. These trained specialist undergo an evaluation every six months to ensure they are on top of the latest technology and the newest oxygen therapy delivery devices. These certified specialist can help you with questions about pulse flow oxygen, continuous flow oxygen, oxygen conserver devices, oxygen therapy while traveling and more! Call toll free to 800-397-5899 to reach one of our Certified Oxygen Specialist.

Rental Program - If you would like to try before you buy on a particular concentrator to pair with the iFill before actually purchasing it, try our rental program. Vitality Medical rents by the week with no limitation on the number of weeks. "Kick the tires" and take all the time you need to test and try out an oxygen concentrator. Planning to travel by airline, but still need oxygen therapy during your flight. Since airlines do not allow oxygen cylinders, you may want to rent a portable oxygen concentrator for your travel. Vitality Medical has several lightweight portables approved by the FAA for airline travel that can be operated 24/7 while on your vacation. Do not let oxygen therapy keep you from the fun. Call for details at 800-397-5899.

Vitality Medical Buy Back Program - If you are not 100% satisfied with the iFill you purchased? Let us make it right! Vitality Medical will buy your oxygen cylinder refill station back and help you determine a better fit.

Oxygen Concentrator Loaner Program - Should your concentrator need to be repaired, Vitality Medical provides a concentrator on-loan for you to use while your concentrator is repaired. Whether your concentrator is under warranty or not, our customers have access to the Vitality Medical Loaner Program.

Easy Warranty Processing - Should your oxygen cylinder refill system require repair while it is under warranty, just give us a call on our toll free line to set up your repair at 800-397-5899. While your refill machine is being repaired, Vitality Medical offers a free portable oxygen concentrator loaner to use. Warranty processing for oxygen cylinder refill systems is only for items purchased from Vitality Medical.


iFill Additional Information & Resources

Additional Information

Additional Information

Manufacturer DeVilbiss
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I live in a town situated in 3400m above the sea level. What is your spec for maximum altitude for your machine can work in order to produce pure oxygen?

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Waiting two months
This has been back-ordered since February and was fully paid for.
Easy to use, but one of the cylinders leaks
One of the oxygen cylinders is faulty - it has a slow leak; after filling and leaving for four days, half the contents have leaked out. I would like to recieve a replacement ASAP.
Easy to use, but one of the cylinders leaks
One of the oxygen cylinders is faulty - it has a slow leak; after filling and leaving for four days, half the contents have leaked out. I would like to recieve a replacement ASAP.
good purchase
This is a good purchase. It pays for itself compared to getting tanks supplied.
wonderful oxygen concentrator machine
This is a wonderful oxygen machine. It is so much nicer to fill up my tanks rather than getting them dropped off. I don't have to worry about running out of air before I can get more.

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