Coloplast Baza Clear Moisture Barrier Ointment

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1005 1.75 Ounce Tube Each
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1006 5 Ounce Tube Each
1006 5 Ounce Tube Case of 12
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Coloplast Baza Clear Moisture Barrier Ointment
Coloplast Baza Clear Moisture Barrier Ointment


Coloplast Baza Clear Moisture Barrier Ointment Overview

Baza Clear Barrier Ointment effectively treats any skin condition where moisture management and infection control are critical. This includes diaper rash, dry, cracked skin and skin conditions related to incontinence and ostomy use. Like other Barrier Ointments, the barrier ointment creates a physical barrier over the skin that locks out fluids and contaminants. Baza Clear Barrier Ointment has a 96% petrolatum base that creates this waterproof barrier. In addition to locking out excess moisture, this barrier also helps to heal dry, cracked or damaged skin by keeping it at the right moisture level.

Baza Clear Barrier Ointment does more than just provide moisture protection. It includes ingredients that have been shown to kill viruses, bacteria, molds, and fungi. These ingredients are highly effective against common pathogens that are often present in urine and feces, pathogens such as staphylococcus bacteria, salmonella, E. coli, HSV (herpes simplex virus) and HIV.

Protection against infection is crucial to healing already-damaged skin.

To top it off, this ointment from Coloplast also contains vitamins A and D as natural cod liver oil. These vitamins improve the overall health of the skin and help keep the skin healthy once it has healed.

Product Features and Benefits

  • Clear formula
  • Moisture protection
  • Anti-infection
  • Vitamins A & D
  • Great for diaper rash

Product Specifications and Information

  • Ingredients: petrolatum (96%), benzethonium chloride (anti-infection), BHT (anti-infection), cod liver oil (natural vitamins A & D)
  • Contains milk
  • Item numbers: 1005, 1006

Additional Information

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Manufacturer Coloplast
Brand Baza