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Item# Description Size Price
5445-2 Single Tab - 2.5" Tab and 3 x 1.75" Base Each
5445-2 Single Tab - 2.5" Tab and 3 x 1.75" Base Box of 50
$2.12 ea
5445-3 Single Tab - 2.75" Tab and 3 x 1.25" Base Box of 50
$2.48 ea
5445-4 Dual Tab - (2) 3" Tabs x 3" Base Each
5445-4 Dual Tab - (2) 3" Tabs x 3" Base Box of 50
$2.00 ea
5445-6 Plus - 2.5" Tab w/ Butterfly Base Each
5445-6 Plus - 2.5" Tab w/ Butterfly Base Box of 50
$2.48 ea
Original Cath-Secure
Original Cath-Secure Cath-Secure Dual Tab Cath-Secure Plus Butterfly Tab


Patient care and comfort is drastically enhanced by using the original CATH-SECURE catheter tube holder by M.C. Johnson. It's applied by removing the adhesive side and affixing it to the top of the thigh of the patient to secure a catheter in place. The Cath-Secure has a built-in single tab which comes in two sizes (5445-2 and 5445-3) to accommodate for varying tube sizes. The tab wraps around the catheter to form a lumen to anchor the Foley Catheter. The Cath-Secure tube holder gives the patient the ability to move around freely without uncomfortable tugging or worry about the catheter being pulled out. This increases nursing productivity not having to replace catheters.

The alcohol-soluble adhesive side of the Cath-Secure is hypoallergenic to be gentle to the skin. It can hold the catheter for up to a week without altering the skin's integrity. The tube holder is multi-purpose and is also used to secure subclavian line ports, ekg lead wires or a dialysis tubing.

The CATH-SECURE DUAL TAB tube holder is another great product by M.C. Johnson to anchor tubing. It is applied like the original Cath-Secure but features dual tabs with a press-on hook-and-loop fastening system. The tabs are flexible and longer to hold varying tube sizes that can be adjusted as needed without the need for re-taping. This provides repeated access to tubing without restricting the flow. The Cath-secure Dual Tab (5445-4) is also used as a multi-purpose tube holder for peritoneal dialysis exit site tubing, leg bag tubing, condom catheters and prostatectomy tubes. The Cath-Secure Plus (5445-6) also eliminates the need for re-taping with one tab and a butterfly base design.

Features, Benefits, Specifications, Application, Precautions and Instructional Videos

Features and Benefits for Original Cath-Secure:

  • Fits Most Catheters and Foley Catheters
  • Multi-Purpose Tube Holder
  • Improves Patient Comfort
  • Allows Patient to be Mobile
  • Holds Different Types of Tubing
  • Quick and Easy to Remove
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Cost-Effective
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Increases Nursing Productivity
  • OSHA and CDC Compliant

Features and Benefits Dual Tab:

  • Holds Catheters and Multi-Purpose Medical Tubing
  • Eliminates Need for Re-taping
  • Provides Repeated Access to Tubing
  • Quick and Easy to Apply
  • Allows Patient to Move Freely
  • Dual Tabs Can Be Adjusted
  • Cost-Effective

Specifications for All Cath-Secure Products:


  • Original Cath-Secure (5445-2) -2.5" Tab and 3 x 1.75" Base
  • Cath-Secure (5445-3) -2.75" Tab and 3 x 1.25" Base
  • Cath-Secure Dual Tab (5445-4) -(2) 3" Dual Wrap Tabs x 3" Base
  • Cath-Secure Plus (5445-6) -2.5" Tab with Butterfly Base


  • To create enough slack, patient needs to fully extend hip to prevent undue traction on catheter.
  • Clean skin and completely dry before application.
  • Peal away adhesive side and press against skin.
  • Place catheter on top of Cath-Secure and wrap tab around tube to secure.


  • Keep Cath-Secure products dry.
  • Remove if Skin shows signs of irritation.

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