Can I Cancel My Order?

Cancellation Policy

Although it is possible to cancel your order, there are a few stipulations. Some of the stipulations to be aware of when canceling your order might include:

  • Only orders not yet processed for shipment may be cancelled.
  • We will credit cancelled orders in the form of payment used.
  • We will not credit or reissue coupons on a cancelled order.

How to Cancel Your Order

The best way to cancel an order is to call us at 1-800-397-5899 before we ship your order. We usually process and ship orders within a few hours of your purchase, so the sooner you call us to cancel your order, the better.

Can I Change My Order?

You cannot, unfortunately, change your order after submitting it. You can, however, place a different order if you decide to cancel the original one. The reason that you are unable to cancel your order after submitting it is because there is a short time-frame before your order reaches our warehouse for processing. It is only during this slim time-frame that an order can be successfully canceled. If you do indeed cancel your order, please contact your financial institution for the time-frame regarding your refund.