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  • Compatible with Most Aqua Creek Pool Lifts
  • Extensive, Diverse List of Pool Lift Accessories
  • Original OEM Manufactured Products
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F-004AB F-004AB 24-Volt Battery

Battery, 24V (Linak 2 Pc Controls) - Each


F-031EZCH F-004AB 24-Volt Battery

Chain Set, Ez, Pez, Super Pez, Standard Replacement - Each


F-038EZHB F-004AB 24-Volt Battery

Hanger Bar, Standard Replacement - Each


F-03EZCYL F-004AB 24-Volt Battery

Actuator, Hydraulic, For Ez Pool Lift - Each


F-03EZHB4P F-004AB 24-Volt Battery

Hanger Bar, 4-Point Option - Each


F-044CH F-004AB 24-Volt Battery

Charger, For 24V Batteries (2 Pc Controls) - Each


F-048EURC F-004AB 24-Volt Battery

Charger Cord, European Type 'F' (16A 250V) (For F-044Ch) - Each


F-38SB F-004AB 24-Volt Battery

Seat Belt, 2Pc, Standard Replacement - Each


F-409CBK F-004AB 24-Volt Battery

Control Upgrade Kit, Ranger 1Pc To 2Pc (F-044Ch Charger Included) - Each


F-492DAA F-004AB 24-Volt Battery

Actuator No/"H" Frame, Ranger At1 (Linak 2Pc Controls) - Each


F-494DAA F-004AB 24-Volt Battery

Actuator, 400Mm, 1/4" Plug, Scout Lift - Each


F-499BAS F-004AB 24-Volt Battery

Actuator, La-34, Power Ez & All Spa Lifts - Each


F-499RAS F-004AB 24-Volt Battery

Actuator W/"H" Frame, Pro Series Lifts (Linak 2Pc Controls) - Each


F-49AUS F-004AB 24-Volt Battery

Charger Cord, Australian Type 'I' (10A 250V) (For F-044Ch) - Each


F-49UKC F-004AB 24-Volt Battery

Charger Cord, Uk Type 'G' (5A 250V) (For F-044Ch) - Each


F-736HS F-004AB 24-Volt Battery

Head Immobilizer, For Revolution Spine Board Assy Option - Each


F-799RA F-004AB 24-Volt Battery

Actuator, La-34, Revolution And Titan 600 Lifts - Each


F-830 F-004AB 24-Volt Battery

Control Upgrade Kit, Scout 1Pc To 2Pc (F-044Ch Charger Included) - Each


F-899S F-004AB 24-Volt Battery

Sign, "Ada Lift Available" - Each


F-ASAPRL F-004AB 24-Volt Battery

Seat Pole Option, Adjustable Height, Pro Pool & Ranger Lifts - Each


F-VTC002 F-004AB 24-Volt Battery

Test Cable, Vito Battery - Each



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Aqua Creek Pool Lift Accessories is a line of accessories specially crafted for Aqua Creek pool lifts. This list of products includes a 24-volt rechargeable battery and its charger, a sling chain set, hanger bars, replacement actuators, European, UK and Australian charger cords, a replacement seatbelt, control upgrade kits, a head immobilizer, an “ADA Lift” sign, an adjustable seat pole, and a Vito battery test cable. Listed accessories are compatible with most Aqua Creek lifts.

Product Details

24-Volt Battery F-004AB, Chain Set F-031EZCH, Replacement Standard Chain Set F-038EZHB, Ez Pool Hydraulic Actuator F-03EZCYL, 4-Point Hanger Bar F-03EZHB4P, 24-Volt Battery Charger F-044CH, European Charger Cord F-048EURC, Replacement Seat Belt F-38SB, Ranger Control Upgrade Kit F-409CBK, Ranger At1 (No “H” Frame) Actuator F-492DAA, Scout Actuator F-494DAA, Power Ez & All Spa Actuator F-499BAS, Pro Series Actuator (w/ “H” Frame) F-499RAS, Australian Charger Cord F-49AUS, UK Charger Cord F-49UKC, Head Immobilizer F-736HS, Revolution and Titan 600 Actuator F-799RA, Scout Control Upgrade Kit F-830, Ada Lift Sign F-899S, Adjustable Seat Pole F-ASAPRL, Vito Battery Test Cable F-VTC002

The 24-volt DC battery charger charges the 24-vold DC battery in approximately four hours. It can be converted for non-US outlets with the purchase of a European, UK, or Australian cord.

Control boxes electronically control the operation of any Aqua Creek pool lift and include an emergency lifting function.

Product Specifications

  • Product Numbers: F-004AB, F-031EZCH, F-038EZHB, F-03EZCYL, F-03EZHB4P, F-044CH, F-048EURC, F-38SB, F-409CBK, F-492DAA, F-494DAA, F-499BAS, F-499RAS, F-49AUS, F-49UKC, F-736HS, F-799RA, F-830, F-899S, F-ASAPRL, F-VTC002
  • Manufacturer: Aqua Creek Products
  • Application: Pool Lift Accessories
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