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Eclypse Super Absorbent Silicone Dressing CR4296 | 5-9/10 x 5-9/10 Inch by Advancis

By Eclypse


  • Absorbs moderate amounts of wound drainage
  • Strong adhesive holds bandage securely in place
  • Wicking layers improve wound maintenance
  • Silicone contact layer gently clings to skin
  • Spreads wound exudate along broad bandage surface
  • Functions as primary or secondary dressing
  • Hypoallergenic
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Item# Description Size Price

5-9/10 x 5-9/10 Inch

Box of 10
$12.783 each


5-9/10 x 5-9/10 Inch - Box of 10
SKU: CR4296



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Advancis Medical CR4296 Eclypse Super Absorbent Silicone Dressing is a super absorbent dressing that has a silicone contact layer and border to go along with hypoallergenic materials for the adhesive. This allows the dressing to remain in place, letting the wound heal itself over time. A rapid wicking face and additional layer allows for better maintenance and integrity across the border, allowing the exudate to spread across the entire dressing over time.

The Eclypse is best used for all exudating wounds including pressure ulcers, leg ulcers, surgical wounds, burns, graft sites lymphatic legs, fistulas and fungating tumors. It is not recommended that this product be used for arterial bleeds and heavily bleeding wounds.


  • For Moderate Exuding Wounds
  • For Heavy Exuding Wounds
  • For Superficial Wounds like Ulcers
  • For Use as a Primary Dressing
  • For Use As a Secondary Dressing in Conjunction with Wound-Bed Appliances like Alginate Dressings


Not for managing heavy bleeding.

Product Features and Benefits

  • Made with Silicone and Hypoallergenic Materials
  • Silicone Contact Layer Sticks to the Skin Better
  • Strong Adhesive will Keep Bandage in Place over Time
  • Great for Ulcers, Wounds, Burns and Graft Sites
  • Rapid Wicking Layers for Better Maintenance
  • Able to Spread Exudate Along a Broad Bandage

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Are there any contra-indications for Eclypse dressings?

    Yes, it's ill advised to use Eclypse dressings for heavy bleeding.

  2. Can Eclypse be cut?

    Eclypse cannot be cut without severely affecting its overall performance.

  3. Can Eclypse be used as both a primary and secondary wound contact layer?

    Eclypse works well as either a primary or secondary dressing.

  4. Can Eclypse be used under compression?

    Eclypse will not affect secondary compression dressings and therefore is ideal with or without compression.

  5. Do you get strike-through with Eclypse?

    The moisture-resistant backing prevents strike-through.

  6. Does Eclypse cause maceration?

    Eclypse wicks away moisture, preventing maceration.

  7. How do we know when to change Eclypse?

    Eclypse can be changed after 7 days or when it begins to sag from excess absorption.

  8. How long can you leave Eclypse on for?

    Eclypse should not be worn past 7 days for patient safety.

  9. How much fluid does Eclypse hold?

    Eclypse holds up to 6 liters per square liter of material.

  10. How should I choose between the regular Eclypse and the adherent one?

    Eclypse Adherent is great for wounds that are sensitive to trauma from dressing removal. If you use a standard Eclypse, on a wound like this, use a retention system that removes gently.

  11. What should I use to secure Eclypse?

    Eclypse works well with a retention dressing like a tubular stocking or compression wrap.

Product Specifications

  • Manufacturer: Advancis Medical
  • Size: 21 3/5 Inches x 18 1/2 Inches
  • Limb Usage: Lower Leg
  • Latex Free: Yes
  • Product Code: CR4296
Additional Information

Additional Information

Manufacturer Advancis Medical
Brand Eclypse

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