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Abri-Form M2 Premium Briefs, Medium - Abena 43060

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Item# Description Size Price

M2, 28 - 44 Inches, 1500 mL Absorbency

Bag of 24
$0.961 each



M2, 28 - 44 Inches, 2600 mL Absorbency - Ships Free!

Case of 96
$0.885 each


M2, 28 - 44 Inches, 1500 mL Absorbency - Bag of 24
SKU: 43060


M2, 28 - 44 Inches, 2600 mL Absorbency - Case of 96
SKU: 43060



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Abena M2 Medium Premium Briefs are good at what they do. But what exactly do they do? They absorb liquid quickly to keep you dry. These briefs offer moderate absorbency for medium waistlines. If your waist is anywhere between 70 - 110cm (27-1/2 - 43-1/3 Inches), you're good to go. Abena Abri-Form M2 briefs offer great leakage protection and are moderately absorbent. Now, we're not sure who they consulted when they came up with medium absorbency, because moderate is a bit of an understatement. What do we mean? Well, these briefs can hold up to 2600mL of fluid. For those of us not well versed in the intricacies of the metric system, that's about 2-3/4 quarts, just over 2/3 gallons, or about 88 ounces. To put that into further perspective, that's more fluid than the average person urinates in an entire day (according to Healthline) and then some. So, as long as your issues are standard incontinence, you should be fine with this particular brief.

Now, we've gone a lot about how absorbent these briefs are, but so what? You could technically wear a makeshift brief made of sponges, but you wouldn't because that'd be stupid uncomfortable. As anyone regularly living with incontinence can tell you, absorbency isn't everything. What about comfort? Well, the Abri-Form Premium M2 also has you covered. These briefs are soft, breathable, and have a top-dry inner lining that lets fluid pass through the area lining your tender bits and into the absorbent core quickly. Translation: this keeps you feeling dry no matter how full the core gets. These briefs are also discreet so you don't have to worry about bullies finding out you're wearing an amazing incontinence brief. Plus, with some Peri Wash II, you'll be able to have a pH balancing skin cleaner and deodorizer to take with you on the go. With this spray, you'll be able to stay smelling fresh, avoid rashes, and walk confidently.

Incontinence Skin Care

In the United States National Library of Medicine, there's a medical encyclopedia article dedicated to skincare with incontinence. In this passage, they describe urinary incontinence as being able to cause skin problems such as peeling, redness, irritation, and topical yeast infections. On top of this, the excess wetness can even help develop bedsores if a person is malnourished, receiving radiation therapy, or they are confined to a bed or wheelchair for most of the day. So, incontinence not only means managing involuntary urination but also managing the health of your skin. Now, someone more long-winded might be able to dedicate an entire chapter of a book to this, but no one has time for that. Instead, we offer quick answers and simple solutions.

Solution 1: Consult your Doctor

We know this might seem like a cop-out, but seriously, doctors are stinking smart. Just because you might think you have an issue, might even feel it in your bones, a doctor will know almost right away whether it's true or not. I mean, doctors study this stuff all the time, it's their job. So, contact one to have him or her help you figure out a plan for how to care for your skin.

Solution 2: Keep Your Skin Dry

Skin isn't meant to stay wet for long periods... unless you're a porpoise. So for those of us who aren't majestic, sea-dwelling mammals, it's important to keep your skin dry. Excess moisture on the skin for too long will cause what's called maceration. What's that, you ask? If you remember the last time you took a bath or swam and you noticed your fingers getting wrinkly, that's very minor maceration. Over long periods, water can turn your skin from wrinkly-prune to bloated-zombie and it doesn't look pretty. Making sure that your skin remains dry is the best way to avoid this. This means allowing some time to air-out between brief changes and changing your brief as soon as you need to. You can also use some kind of moisture barrier or protective ointment to help protect the skin by creating a moisture-proof shield.

Solution 3: Get Shifty

This advice is for those who are confined to a wheelchair or bed. Since you're already dealing with incontinence, you're already at risk for the weakening of skin through maceration. Give yourself a fighting chance by doing everything you can to avoid forming a bedsore. This is accomplished by moving. You don't need to get up and run a marathon to reduce your chances of getting a bedsore. In reality, just a change in position every two hours will help. This will allow for adequate blood flow to prevent tissue breakdown.

Product Features and Benefits

  • For Moderate Incontinence
  • Provides Optimal Leakage Security
  • Excellent for Demanding Situations
  • Breathable and Comfortable
  • Soft and Discreet
  • Top-Dry Surface for Comfort
  • Wetness Indicator for Easy Changing

Product Specifications

  • Item Number: 43060
  • Manufacturer: Abena
  • Waist Size: 27-1/2 - 43-1/3 Inches (70 - 110cm)
  • Absorbency: 88 Ounces (2600mL)
  • Color: White
  • Bleach Indicator: Non-Chlorine Bleached
  • Latex Indicator: Latex-Free
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Abena Abri-Form Brief - Putting on in Lying Position with Assistance (4:07 minutes)



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Additional Information

Manufacturer Abena
Brand Abri-Form

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