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Abri-Form Junior XS2 Incontinence Brief - Abena 43050

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XS2, 20 - 24 Inches, 1500 mL Absorbency

Bag of 32
$0.590 each



XS2, 20 - 24 Inches, 1500 mL Absorbency - Ships Free!

Case of 128
$0.580 each


XS2, 20 - 24 Inches, 1500 mL Absorbency - Bag of 32
SKU: 43050


XS2, 20 - 24 Inches, 1500 mL Absorbency - Case of 128
SKU: 43050



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Abena Abri-Form Junior XS2 briefs are a moderate absorbency incontinence product designed for children and teens. These briefs offer up to 1500 mL of absorbency or just under 51 ounces and help the user feel dry even immediately after they urinate. Abena Junior (Abena 43050) is also soft, comfortable and discreet. Since incontinence can be embarrassing, having a brief that is discreet is a great concern for many users of incontinence products. That's why Abena went through every effort to ensure Abri-Form appears like regular underwear, even going as far as to include a printed textile back sheet. These briefs are breathable, so the risk of maceration and rash is lower. Additionally, Abena briefs contain a non-woven sublayer to spread the liquid and increase absorption time. It can even help mask embarrassing odors. Abena also carries Pre-Moistened Wipes that deliver a refreshing scent and come infused with aloe to help moisturize and soothe skin. Plus, these wipes are dye-free, alcohol-free, phthalate-free, and paraben-free. Also, Abena Junior Premium Briefs are free from latex.

How to Apply Incontinence Briefs on an Adult

  • Lay Wearer on a Soft, Flat Surface
  • Don a Pair of Exam Gloves for Protection
  • Turn Wearer on Their Side Facing away from You
  • Remove Used Brief from Front to Back and Dispose
  • Open Brief and Fold in Half Length-Wise with Backsheet Facing Outward
  • Give Ends a Quick Tug to Release Leak Guards from Fold
  • Insert Folded Brief Between Wearer's Legs from the Front to Back
  • Pull Brief up to the Waist Line and Centering
  • Unfold and Smooth over the Buttocks
  • Turn Wearer onto Their Back and Unfold and Smooth the Front
  • Secure the Tabs in a Straight Line and Adjust as Necessary

Types of Urinary Incontinence

The Harvard Medical School published an article explaining 6 different types of incontinence and what sets them apart from one another. The first kind of incontinence is stress incontinence. This is the incontinence that happens when you sneeze, laugh, cough, etc. This is the result of weak or damaged muscles in the pelvic floor. Muscles tend to weaken due to age, so this kind of incontinence becomes more common in elderly women, especially with children (because vaginal birth can weaken or damage the muscles in the pelvic floor).

The next type of incontinence is due to an overactive bladder. Physiologically, this is caused when the muscles that allow for urination begin to contract prematurely. An overactive bladder can result from damage to the brain, spine, or nerves extending to the bladder. However, there is no identifiable cause for an overactive bladder.

Another type of incontinence is Mixed Incontinence. This is the result of both the previous two types (stress incontinence and overactive bladder). Needless to say, both of these would result in a perfect storm of incontinence and can be worse than both alone.

The fourth type of incontinence the Harvard Medical School identifies is overflow incontinence. This kind of incontinence happens when the bladder becomes overfull usually because the urethra becomes blocked. Now, this may sound like a contradiction, but when the bladder becomes overfilled it distends and forces the urethra open. If this happens, you'll need a highly-absorbent brief. A common treatment option for this kind of incontinence is the placement of a Foley Catheter.

Another type of functional incontinence. What causes functional incontinence has nothing to do with the urinary tract but rather something else. Most commonly is some kind of neurological disorder such as Alzheimers, dementia, or cerebral palsy. This condition can result in an individual either having no control over urination. Other reasons for developing this type of incontinence are severe illness or pain.

The last form of incontinence mentioned by Harvard is reflex incontinence. This occurs when bladder muscles contract without any warning, usually from injury to the spine.

Product Features and Benefits

  • Made with Smaller Legs Cut and Core for Children
  • Looks like Underwear for Better Discretion
  • Printed Textile Backsheet for Discretion
  • Comfortable, Soft, and Breathable
  • Quickly Absorbs Liquids and Seals in Odors

Product Specifications

  • Item Number: 43050
  • Manufacturer: Abena
  • Absorbency Limit: 1500 mL, 50-7/10 Ounces
  • Waist Size: 40 - 60 cm, 15-3/4 - 23-1/2 Inches
  • Color: White
  • Age Range: Children 5 - 15 Years Old
  • Fastener Type: Hook and Loop Closure/Adhesive
  • Bleach Indicator: Non-Chlorine Bleached
  • Latex Indicator: Latex-Free
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Abena Abri-Form Brief - Putting on in Lying Position with Assistance (4:07 minutes)



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