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  1. Premium Plastic Urinal
    perfictly adequate.
    the price is right
    (Review by chrystine)
  2. Premium Plastic Urinal
    Premium Plastic Urinal Review.
    As a caregiver to my grandpa, I am so happy with it. We were always worreid about him going to the toilet in the middle of the night because he
    (Review by Marietta)
  3. EZwee Urinal
    Does what it's suppose to do..
    Good product. Especially for the non ambulatory individual who hates asking for a bed pan to urinate. Gives them a bit Independence in that area. If the patient has only
    (Review by MarkG)
  4. Premium Plastic Urinal
    Your product is 'just pisser'.
    It was the best pee experience I've had!!
    (Review by Dennis Martin)

Portable Urinal | Male Portable Urinal - Female Portable Urinals & More!



Portable Urinals for Females and Males allow convenient, quick and hygienic options for urinary waste. Don't be caught unprepared when out and about. For non-ambulatory patients, the small urinal sizes conveniently allow increased independence and prevent accidents. Female Portable Urinals are reusable and shaped to prevent leaks. Male Portable Urinals provide quick, discreet methods of bladder relief. Disposable Unisex Urinals are even more hygienic.

Portable Male Urinal and Females Urinal Patient Applications

  • Hygienic Urinal Containment
  • Convenient, Portable Bladder Relief
  • Easy-to-Use Gender Specific or Unisex Urine Disposal Urinals

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