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  1. Male Plastic Urinal
    Very cheap and useful!.
    Having a urinal for my dad has helped tremendously! It's shaped to make use much less messy and way more convenient. Thank you!!
    (Review by Becky)
  2. Premium Plastic Urinal
    Good product.
    Arrived on time. Great company.
    (Review by TKHCI)
  3. Male Urinal Kit
    Grab the best Male Urinal Kit – A Review.
    You can check out for the components included in the Urocare Male Urinal Kit but I can always mention the benefits. In most of the urinal kit I have checked
    (Review by David)
  4. Premium Plastic Urinal
    Excellent Product.
    I have been purchasing these one by one at my local drugstore for 9.95 each - purchased a case of 50 at a cost of about .60 a piece and
    (Review by GR)

Portable Urinal | Male Portable Urinal - Female Portable Urinals & More!



Portable Urinals for Females and Males allow convenient, quick and hygienic options for urinary waste. Don't be caught unprepared when out and about. For non-ambulatory patients, the small urinal sizes conveniently allow increased independence and prevent accidents. Female Portable Urinals are reusable and shaped to prevent leaks. Male Portable Urinals provide quick, discreet methods of bladder relief. Disposable Unisex Urinals are even more hygienic.

Portable Male Urinal and Females Urinal Patient Applications

  • Hygienic Urinal Containment
  • Convenient, Portable Bladder Relief
  • Easy-to-Use Gender Specific or Unisex Urine Disposal Urinals

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