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SCA TENA | Incontinence Products – Pads – Briefs – Underwear


According to SCA, 1 out of 3 women and 1 out of 8 men will experience some form of incontinence or bladder leakage during their lives. In an aging society, it is inevitable that increasing numbers require hands-on care either at home, with loved ones, or in a professional residential care. Incontinence can be physically, emotionally, and economically demanding, which is why TENA makes affordable and durable incontinence products, and its mission statement is simple, clear, and concise: to improve the lives of people living or working with incontinence around the world.

With more than 50 years of experience, SCA Hygiene Products is the leader in the management of incontinence, providing services and products for healthcare organizations and individuals throughout the world. Under the brand name TENA, SCA offers a variety of absorbent products specifically tailored to the distinct needs of men and women, including daytime and overnight pads, pantiliners, protective underwear, briefs, guards, underpads, skin care products, and more. Truly, SCA, everyday, works to further develop products that will minimize the impact of incontinence and improve the everyday lives of millions around the word living with bladder leakage or incontinence.

Founded in 1929 by Ivar Kreuger, SCA has continued to exponentially grow over the years, and, as of 2012, has employed over 37,000 people in over 100 countries. SCA realizes that incontinence is suprisingly common in people of all ages. That is why its team focuses to helping anyone that may be affected by incontinence.

SCA TENA Features and Benefits

  • Advanced odor protection.
  • Super absorbent core to lock in liquid.
  • Unique soft layer next to skin to transfer liquid to absorption core fast.

  • SCA TENA Incontinence Product options are briefly summarized in the link below.

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    Featured TENA Products

    TENA Dry Disposable Washcloth Wipes


    These multi-purpose, disposable, dry washcloths cause fewer reusables to be needed resulting in less laundry and textile replacement. 10" x 13.25" size is perfect for a variet Learn More
    TENA Dry Comfort Pad


    Dry Comfort Pad & Pant system is a two piece incontinence management that is available in four absorbency levels ranging from light to night, to meet the specific needs of the Learn More
    TENA Air Flow Disposable Underpad


    Especially designed for use on Low Air Loss Therapy Beds. Works in tandem with specialty beds to maximize air circulation. Nonwoven topsheet is gentle against skin. Breathable Learn More

    Other Top Selling TENA Products

    TENA Disposable Chux Blue Pad Underpads


    Tena Disposable Underpads are the ultimate in disposable underpads. Learn More
    TENA Super Brief


    TENA Super Briefs, manufactured by SCA, are premium, maximum absorbency briefs. You may select this product to assist with incontinence.

    Learn More
    TENA Bladder Control Pads


    For moderate bladder control protection. Dry-fast Dual Core quickly absorbs fluid for greater security and increased skin dryness. Oval-shaped elastics hug the body to prevent Learn More
    TENA Classic Brief


    TENA Classic Briefs, manufactured by SCA, are premium, high absorbent briefs. You may select this product to assist with incontinence.

    Learn More
    TENA Ultra Brief


    TENA Ultra Briefs, manufactured by SCA, are premium, high absorbency briefs. You may select this product to assist with incontinence.

    Learn More
    TENA Washcloths


    Strong premium adult washcloths that are softly textured and contain Aloe and Vitamin E. Soft sided pack features an easy single-handed dispenser which dispenses a single, unf Learn More
    TENA Wash Cream


    TENA Learn More
    TENA Adult Small Brief


    TENA Adult Small Brief Learn More
    TENA Stretch Ultra Brief


    Utilizes a revolutionary stretch side panel that moves with the body. Freedom of movement provides improved comfort and dignity and with the body close fit, it prevents leaks Learn More
    TENA Protective Underwear Plus Absorbency


    Gentle Waist Elastic Allows Pants To Pull On And Off Just Like Underwear. Superfit Design Comfortably Hugs The Body For A Discreet, Secure Fit. Effective Leak Protection For W Learn More
    TENA Comfort Mesh Pants


    TENA Comfort Pants utilizes a clothing-like design for comfort, dignity, and security for adult incontinence patients. Five separate size options are available from 20 to 72 Inch waist sizes. Learn More
    TENA for Men Pads


    Designed just for men with light bladder control. Effective for managing urine leakage after prostate surgery. Easily concealed under regular clothing. Can be worn with regula Learn More
    TENA Serenity Pad Heavy Absorbency


    TENA Serenity Pad Heavy Absorbency Learn More
    TENA Ultimate Pad


    TENA Ultimate Pad Learn More
    TENA Flex Super Belted Briefs


    TENA Flex Super Belted Briefs by SCA Incontinence Care are disposable briefs provide excellent incontinence protection and are easy to change. Learn More
    TENA Provide Disposable Blue Pad Underpad


    Disposable underpad with waterproof backing. 50% greater capacity than standard underpad. Latex-free. Learn More
    TENA Bariatric Brief Ultra Stretch


    TENA Bariatric Brief Ultra Stretch absorbs liquid fast to help keep skin dry. Quilted mat provides enhanced fluid dispersion and helps to maintain healthy skin. Learn More
    TENA Youth Brief


    TENA Youth Brief is designed for heavy incontinence. Curved blue elastics follow body contours for better, more natural fit and enhanced leakage protection. New leg cut and wing design make briefs easier Learn More
    TENA Protective Underwear Discreet Packaging


    TENA Protective Underwear comes in Discreet Packaging. This protective underwear is designed for unisex incontinence protection. Learn More
    TENA Serenity Pad Moderate Absorbency


    Features Dry Fast Core That Locks Away Liquid Quickly. Ph Balanced With Odasorb Plus That Helps Control Odors. High-Rising Side Shields Provide A Comfortable Fit That Conforms Learn More
    TENA Light Bladder Control Pads


    TENA Light Bladder Control Pads Learn More
    TENA Belted Undergarment


    Multi-layer core contains super absorbent polymer to maximize absorbency, improve skin dryness and reduce odor. Soft, stay-dry top sheet provides more comfort for the wearer. Learn More
    TENA Ultra Thins Pads


    TENA Ultra Thins Pads feature pH balanced OdaSorb Plus™ to help control odor. Learn More
    TENA Knit Pant


    Knit Pants from TENA are designed for Incontinence with a cotton-spandex blend. This soft, comfortable Incontinence Care TENA Knit Pants is washable and reusable. Learn More