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  1. Lightweight Folding Wheelchair
    Lightweight Wheelchair Review.
    This folding wheelchair can be stored more compactly than other chairs, so it fits well in my small trunk. It is a good chair for my mother.
    (Review by Kathryn)
  2. Lightweight Folding Wheelchair
    More Practical Than Other Wheelchairs.
    This chair is really easy to disassemble. The wheels and the leg rests come off. On most chairs only the leg rest pop off, so this wheelchair is more practical
    (Review by Henry)
  3. Lightweight Folding Wheelchair
    The Lightweight Folding Wheelchair Fits a Person Well.
    Many of the lightweight wheelchairs are too narrow for me. This chair is comfortable to sit in. There is plenty of seating room. I am glad I purchased it.
    (Review by Jonny)
  4. Invacare 9000 SL Lightweight Wheelchair
    This chair is very comfortable. I was lnokiog for a heavy duty chair and this fit what I was lnokiog for. It was easy to put together, It's easy to
    (Review by Issam)

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Lightweight Wheelchairs

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