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  1. External Condom Catheter Sheath Holder by Posey
    The Right Size Sheath Holder Review.
    Before I found this, things never seemed to feel right. Everything moved around and never seemed to stay in place. It is a one size fits all so I never
    (Review by Janet)
  2. Rusch Golden Drain One Piece Catheter
    Great product and good price. .
    Excellant poduct at a good price.
    (Review by Deb)
  3. Urocare UroFoam Adhesive Foam Strips
    A Genuine Adhesive Foam Strips Review.
    Urocare Urofoam Adhesive Foam Strips are a relief to males using urinary catheters due to medical reasons. The adhesive coating (available in single-sided and double-sided coating) will secure the catheters
    (Review by Richard)
  4. Kendall Texas Catheter
    Great product!.
    NI am very active, and needed something dependable that doesn't break! These are perfect!
    (Review by Jeff)

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