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  1. Universal Medical Exam Glove Box Dispenser Holders
    Universal Glove Box Holders Review.
    I appreciate that these glove box holders are made to hold glove boxes. Now this is very convenient for us to fix our glove boxes in these holders. These are
    (Review by Greg)

Glove Dispensers | Glove Box Holders & More!

Glove Dispensers


Glove Dispensers come in different forms, shapes and sizes. Glove Box Dispensers can completely encase the glove boxes in either an opaque or transparent plastic, or they may support the glove boxes using a heavy duty wire.

Transparent Glove Box Dispensers are ideal for situations where there is more than one glove box to choose from. These Glove Box Holders allow the healthcare worker to quickly identify which pair of Gloves he or she needs. This would be useful if Latex and Vinyl Gloves were both kept on hand to accommodate allergies.

Some specialty glove dispensers can attach directly to sharps containers, keeping everything in one place. These Glove Box Holders mount to the wall below the compatible Sharps Container and minimize effort of glove changes for healthcare workers.

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