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  1. Dignity Briefmates Beltless Undergarments
    Amazing Beltless Undergarments .
    This beltless undergarment absorbs up to 17 ounces of urine. The product is highly absorbent that it maintains dryness and prevents bad odor. It also has enough capacity to contain
    (Review by Linda)
  2. Kendall MaxiCare Belted Undergarment
    Good product for heavy incontinence; works like all other belted undergarments..
    I have very heavy postoperative urinary incontinence, in spite of muliple other surgeries. "moderate absorbency" is just not sufficient. This product works as well as other 'heavy' or 'extra' absorbency
    (Review by Nick)
  3. Attends Undergarments 6 Belted Style
    Stay still!.
    Prompt shipping and nice customer service. On top of that, I like that it has belts that make it stay still while moving my body. Pretty absorbent with great odor
    (Review by Krystal)
  4. Kendall MAXI CARE Beltless Undergarment
    great product.
    much better than depends or other products of the type.
    (Review by sargeb)

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