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  1. Curity Gauze Sponge Pads Nonwoven by Kendall
    IT'S SUPER!!.
    Can you believe the price? Though you can't it's real. Really versatile. As it says above in description, you can use it for applying ointments, prepping, wiping needles, cleaning slides
    (Review by Winslet)
  2. Curity Gauze Sponge
    Quality Gauze Sponge.
    Curity Gauze Sponge is best used in a variety of applications. This is usually used in maintaining medical asepsis in wound care. Most medical professionals like me recommend its use
    (Review by Richard Benfield)
  3. Dermacea Non-Woven Sponges
    Great Price.
    These were the best price on the internet. Shipping was much quicker than I expected.
    (Review by Bugsy)
  4. Invacare IQA Soft Sponge 6 Ply Sterile 2x2
    Excellent Product.
    These sponges are soft and absorbent. I use these in a nontraditional way. They are used to cover my stoma for my Indiana Pouch to protect against mucus leakage. Much
    (Review by maf)

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