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Women's Pantyhose

Compression hose, fashioned by leading manufacturers in the compression therapy industry, serve as a great option for individuals whom require toe-to-thigh gradient compression, yet dislike stockings. Depending upon the amounts of compression, compression hose reduce discomfort and pain associated with leg and foot ailments, including varicose veins, legs, ankles, and feet swelling, muscle fatigue, lymphedema, and deep vein thrombosis.

Depending upon your individual needs, you will need to choose the appropriate compression level to successfully facilitate relief. Compression levels of compression pantyhose range from 8 to 15 mmHg to 40 to 50 mmHg. To determine which compression is most curative for your specific needs, please confer with your medical provider.

A lower amount of compression is a great choice for everyday compression pantyhose because they relieve tired, fatigued legs and mild swelling; high compression levels assist with more pressing conditions, such as lymphedema and deep vein thrombosis. Compression amount is measured through millimeters of mercury, similar to how blood pressure is measured. In addition to compression amounts, though, compression pantyhose are readily available in a wide variety of fabrics, colors, and more, and are certain to complement your formal and business attire.

Compression therapy becomes highly discreet and convenient with our wide selection of compression hose. More and more women, in fact, are seeking to integrate therapeutic compression into their lives because of its convenience and discretion. To find the best compression hosiery for your unique needs, peruse our selection of compression garments today!

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