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VERILUX has been in business for over 55 years. VERILUX Inc. is the “Healthy Lighting Company” that designs and manufactures environmentally friendly lighting, light therapy lamps, and UVC light cleaning and sanitizing solutions. VERILUX utilizes full spectrum light to improve people’s vision, well-being and environments. VERILUX is an innovator for wellness lighting technology. VERILUX full spectrum lights and natural spectrum lights help individuals cope with Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD)commonly associated with seasonal grey periods when sunlight is muted by overcast skies. These Full Spectrum Lights include the VERILUX HappyLight 2500, VERILUX HappyLight 6000, VERILUX HappyLight Deluxe, VERILUX Rise & Shine Alarm, and the VERILUX Wake Up Alarm. VERILUX also provides Full Spectrum Light Bulbs that are environmentally friendly.

VERILUX provides a 30-day risk free return guarantee for their light therapy products. Choose from VERILUX Therapy Lights to VERILUX Light Alarm Clocks to VERILUX Full Spectrum Light Bulbs.

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