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Uplift Technologies

Uplift Technologies has been acquired by Carex Health Brands. Uplift Brand Products retain the same great features and specifications as before. Lift Help Products come in a variety of options, so that there is something for everyone.

Uplift Seat Assist is a lifting seat cushion that comes in two different weight capacities for convenience.

Upeasy Power Seat Max can help someone stand up from a seated position. They feature a comfortable, stylish cover.

Premium Power Seat comes in two sizes, so that there is a lifting solution for every chair.

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Other popular uplift products are Light Therapy devices that are designed to combat the symptoms of Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD).

Light therapy devices are unique, because they provide a high LUX capacity that is sufficient for mood enhancement.

Day-Light Sky Light Therapy Lamps are small enough to conveniently fit on your desk or table, but still provide 10,000 lux for maximum therapeutic benefit.

Day Light Bright Light Therapy Lamps are large lamps that stand alone, so that you do not need to be sitting at a desk or table to benefit from light therapy.

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