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UDL Laboratories

UDL Laboratories is a Mylan Company that specializes in Medical Products for hospitals, nursing homes and healthcare providers. Mylan is one of the largest generic and specialty pharmaceutical companies in the world. UDL Labs is a market leader for pharmaceutical unit dose packaging, currently boasting the largest unit dose product line in the USA. UDL Laboratories is an innovator in offering products that ensure patient safety and reduce medication errors. Based in Rockford, Illinois, UDL Labs began in 1980 as Unit Dose Laboratories. In 1996, UDL Labs was acquired by Mylan Laboratories.

UDL Labs

UDL Laboratories is the largest supplier of unit dose pharmaceuticals in the United States. UDL offers four unique packaging designs outlined below. The UDL Labs packaging and dispensing designs help caregivers tract, account for and dispense the correct medication and dosage for patients.

  • Robot-RX – offers automated pharmacy dispensing to a hospital setting. Robot-RX uses bar code technology to efficiently link patient medication orders with dispensing.
  • Punch Card – provides consultant pharmacist and nurses an easy to use dispensing system for long term care. Punch Card products are individually bar coded, perforated and identified with product name, lot number, expiration date and NDC number.
  • Emergi-Script – is a uniform, professional dispensing system that helps control emergency room starter dose dispensing.
  • Unit Dose – provides reduced professional handling, reduced chance of administration errors and improved inventory control.

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