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Transport Wheelchairs - Transport Chairs

A transport wheelchair, commonly known as a transport chair, is a transporting device specifically designed for short and quick transfers of a patient or loved one. These types of mobility aids feature four small wheels, which do not allow for self-propulsion.

In addition to a transport chair featuring smaller wheels, these type of wheelchairs tend to be significantly lighter, too. In fact, because of these components, a transport wheelchair is designed for easy portability and storability.

At Vitality Medical, we supply the very best wheelchairs to get patients from point A to point B. Look through our vast selection today to find the best prices and transport chairs available on the market!

Best Selling

Economy Steel Transport Chair by Drive

  • Weighs 26 lbs
  • Easy to clean uphostery


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Best Features

Body Up Evolution Transfer Lift Chair (IN STOCK!)

  • 4 in 1 lift chair
  • stainless steel construction


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How to Assemble and Collapse Your Transport Wheelchair

Video Section

Hi! I’m Shannon with Active Living Now. Today we’re going to talk about what you can expect when you receive your transport wheelchair.

Your wheelchair will arrive in three parts. You’ll have the chair itself and then a right and left footrest.

The first step to open your chair is to grab the arm rest and pull apart. Make sure you press down on the seat just to make sure it’s fully opened.

You actually want to grab onto the handles and simply push out until you hear it click. Now, you’re going to add the foot rest. You also want to make sure those are click in and they’re nice and secured.

Go ahead and assemble the other foot rest until you hear that click. Now, your chair assembled.

To get it ready again for transport, first you want to remove the leg rest. There’s a black lever, just go ahead and pull that. Remove the leg rest and do the same to the other side.

You want to pull down the back of the seat so we’re going to grab onto the black levers in the back. Pull those down.

Notice there’s two handles in the seat. Pull up and the chair will fold. Now, your chair is ready to be transported.

I’m Shannon with Active Living Now and remember to visit activelivingnow.com for all your health, wellness, fitness, bathroom safety and mobility needs.

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