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Shower/Tub Transfer Benches

Bath and Shower Transfer benches are popular bathroom aid products on Vitality Medical and often have varied accessory options including padding, commode openings and length adjustments. Shower and bath transfer benches are typically wide so one can sit outside of the bath basin and shift themselves into the bathing area, essentially using them as transfer benches. Transfer bench shower chairs help facilitate the safe transfer of mobility patients from wheelchairs to the shower, bathtub to toilet, toilet to bathtub, wheelchair to toilet, etc, To learn more, scroll to the bottom of the page for more information. These benches are designed to transfer patients for one place to the next, whereas standard bathtub benches are designed to provide the mobility patient a safer sitting position while they bathe.

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Common Uses for Shower Transfer Benches

  • Entering a bath basin while sitting down.
  • For caregivers to help the patient into the bath without lifting.
  • To keep incidents of slipping and falling down by maintaining a seated position going into the bath.

How to use a Bath Tub Transfer Bench

Video Transcription

Hi, Cindy here, physical therapist with Adaptive Equipment Corner. Today, we are talking about a tub transfer bench and that's what I have with me here. Now as you will notice, two legs sit outside the tub and two legs sit inside the tub.

Now what I will tell you is if you're going to purchase one of these, you need to make sure that the leg height adjustment is at the top end of it. It is tall enough to go over the outer wall of your tub. What you need to do is measure from the floor to the top of the outer wallof your tub to make sure that height adjustment is going to clear. Now there are such things as leg extensions. Those are available if you need to have something to make it over the top wall or the outer wallof your tub.

What I'm going to do is show you how to use this tub transfer bench. Now if you're coming into the bathroom, you may have a cane, you may have a walker, you may not have anything. You're going to approach this just as you would a chair so you're going to come up to this tub transfer bench and you're going to turn around.

You're going to back fully up until you feel it at the back of your legs. You’re going to reach down with your hands and sit down on the side of the bench here. You're going to scoot back and you're going to take your inside leg and extend it and come right over the tub. And then you can come across with your other leg and scoot right over into the tub.

Now when you get out, again, you're going to take and scoot over as far as you can. Bring your outside leg out and your inside leg out. Turn around. Come to the edge and stand back up. Okay?

Now on these tub transfer benches, there's usually a slit in this outerpiece here. This will allow you and help you to bring the shower curtain across. And what I do, I will encourage you to tuck the shower curtain edge into that so that as you bring it across, you can help keep the water inside the tub so you bring the shower curtain around it.

Now you can also get a cheap plastic shower curtain. If you want to cut that to better form around the outside of the tub bench, you can do that as well.

Now the other thing that I will tell you, when you're sitting on a bench in the tub, something handy to have is a handheld shower with a shower head. What you can do, you can pick one of these up at oneof the big discount stores. It will have an adaption piece like this.

You take off the showerhead, the screws right into the pipe that comes out of the wall, and then you have a handheld shower. This will turn mostly off. There’ll be a little bit of running water. Most of these have a dial to where you can turn the water off while you're soaping or whatever you need to do. Handheld shower is a good idea, if you're using a bench in the shower as well.

I appreciate you joining us today at Adaptive Equipment Corner. If you like what you've seen, we would like for you to subscribe to our site so that you can stay up to date whenever we add new videos. Thanks for joining us. Have a great day! And don't forget, if you can't do it, adapt it.

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