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Thyroid health is very important for a healthy lifestyle. The thyroid is a small gland in the neck that's responsible for so many important functions such as controlling metabolism, weight, energy levels, sleep and so much more. Even feeling depressed, irritable and lethargic may be a sign your thyroid isn't working its best. In addition to taking a supplement, it's important to do all you can to have a healthy lifestyle by lowering stressors and getting the right amount of sleep and exercise. Supplements targeting thyroid health use a blend of vitamins, herbs, zinc, iron and iodine that offer support to the thyroid gland. Vitality Medical offers a selection for you to choose from so you can feel and look your best.

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Iodine- kelp is often used in thyroid supplements because it's rich in iodine and is highly sustainable. The thyroid gland takes iodine and converts it into thyroid hormones. It's important to not take too much and you should consult with your doctor to know what's best for you.

Iron- improves energy levels, hair growth and plays a big role in thyroid function. Iron is involved in the production of thyroid hormone. You don't have to be anemic to be low in iron.

Probiotics- by increasing healthy bacteria in the gut it may improve thyroid function since the gut boosts health and helps maintain hormonal balances.

Zinc & Copper- combination is an important relationship in proper thyroid performance. The mineral zinc is thought to be one of the most important since zinc is required in making thyroid hormones.

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