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Kendall Tendersorb Underpads

Tendersorb is manufactured by Kendall. Tendersorb has a very popular Incontinence product called the Tendersorb Underpad for moderate absorption. Kendall Tendersorb Underpads provide for moderate absorbency and are designed with a diamond patterned polypropylene backsheet for strength and durability. This Tendersorb Bed Pad provides good incontinence protection for beds, chairs and other furniture. The soft top sheet allows fluid to quickly pass through to the fluff absorbent core to keep you as dry as possible. The backsheet protects against leakage and resists melting.

Tendersorb also provides the Tendersorb Wet Pruf Abdominal Pad that has three layers for greater protection and absorbency. The Tendersorb Wet Pruf Pad provides for less strike-through leaks than competitive pads. Fluid in the Wet Pruf Abdominal Pad is absorbed into the fluff filler and is dispersed throughout the entire pad. This three layer pad captures exudates, helping to prevent the development of moist pathways that can lead to contamination.

Kendall Tendersorb Underpads Specifications

  • Tendersorb Underpads (Product # KND7105)
  • Three Size Options: 17 x 24 Inch, 23 x 24 Inch, 23 x 36 Inch.
  • Kendall Tendersorb Wet Pruf Pads
  • Moderate absorption.
  • HCPCS Code: T4551
  • Another Tendersorb option is the Tendersorb 23 x 36 (KND7176).

Kendall Tendersorb Wet Pruf Abdominal Pads Specifications

  • Wet Pruf Adominal Mattress Pad (Product # KND8190A)
  • Four Size Options: 5 x 9 Inch, 8 x 10 Inch, 5 x 9 Inch, 7 1/2; x 8 Inch.
  • Heavy absorption.
  • Sterile and Non-Sterile options available.
  • Sealed edges to prevent lint residue and leaking.

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