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T Slim Insulin Pump

By Tandem Diabetes

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Insulin Pump





T:Slim Insulin Monitor & Pump by Tandem Diabetes Care is a smart and easy way to manage insulin and Diabetes. It utilizes a unique pumping mechanism and has a smooth, compact design.This feature allows the insulin care system to be easily slipped into a pocket or worn discreetly under clothing. The Insulin Pump system is easy to use with a smart phone-style interface and touch screen technology. Its Micro-Delivery technology contributes to its small size and delivers insulin in the tiniest increments available.

T Slim Insulin Pump Monitor has a built-in rechargeable battery that uses the latest in lithium-polymer rechargeable technology. It can pack a 300-unit reservoir that is good for up to seven days of power. The integrated micro-USB on the insulin pump system allows for convenient charging and fast data transfer speeds. It comes with a Diabetes Management Application, which is state-of-the-art PC and Mac compatible data management software. The touch screen for the pump system is made of high-grade, shatter-resistant glass. It has an aluminum case that makes it durable and light.The pump system is also watertight, so you don't have to worry about it getting wet.

t-slim Insulin Pump System by Tandem Diabetes Care measures 2" x 3.13" x .6". It includes a 4-year warranty and a 24-hour Product Replacement Program.

T:Slim Insulin Pump Features and Benefits
  • Provides continuous glucose monitoring.
  • Unique pumping mechanism.
  • Smooth, compact design.
  • Easily slip into pocket or wear discreetly under clothing.
  • Easy to use menu navigation.
  • Smart, phone-style interface.
  • Touch screen technology.
  • Delivers insulin in tiniest increments available.
  • Aluminum case makes it durable and light.
  • Watertight for up to 3 feet for 30 minutes.
  • Convenient and easy glucose sensor insertion.
  • Rechargeable battery good for up to seven days.
  • Six customizable profiles for insulin delivery settings.
  • 16 timed settings per personal profile.

T:Slim Insulin Monitor Specifications

  • TSlim Insulin Monitor and Pump Product Number: TN004629.
  • Width: 3.13"
  • Length: 6"
  • Height: 2"
  • Weight: 3.95 Ounces.
  • Color: Black aluminum case with chrome trim.
  • User Interface: Bright, color touch screen.
  • Shatter resistant glass.
  • Insulin Capacity: 300 units.
  • Adjustable Settings: Basal rate, correction factor, carb ratio, target BG.
  • Insulin Duration: 2-8 hours in 1-minute increments.
  • Bolus Options: Standard Bolus, Correction Bolus, Extended Bolus and Quick-Bolus.
  • Bolus Increments: 0.01 unit (at volumes greater than 0.05 units)
  • Insulin Sensitivity Factors: 1:1 to 1:600 mg/dL (1 mg/dL increments)
  • Insulin to Carb Ratio: 1:1 to 1:300 g (0.1 increments below 10 grams)
  • Maximum Bolus Size: 25 units (with an option for an additional 25 units)
  • Basal Insulin Delivery: 0.001 units at programmed rates ≥ units/hour.
  • Maximum Basal Deliver: 15 units/hour.
  • Temporary Basal Rate: 15 minutes to 72 hours (range of 0 to 250%).
  • Micro-USB compatible.
  • Diabetes management application is PC and Mac compatible.
  • 24-hour Product Replacement Program.
  • Power Requirements: Battery.
  • Battery: Rechargeable lithium polymer battery.
  • Infusion Sets: Standard luer-lock.
  • Manufacturer: Tandem.
  • Brand: t:slim.
  • HCPCS Code: E0784,
  • Warranty: 4 Years.

T Slim Insulin Monitor Additional Information

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  • Gross TM, Kayne D, King A, et al. A bolus calculator is an effective means of controlling postprandial glycemia in patients on insulin pump therapy. Diabetes Technol Ther.2003;5(3):365-369. 
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  • Bode BW, Gross TM, Thornton KR, et al. Continuous glucose monitoring used to adjust diabetes therapy improves glycosylated hemoglobin: a pilot study. Diabetes Res Clin Pract. 1999;46:183-190.
  • Tslim Patient Brochure provides features and benefits for this insulin monitor and pump.
  • t:slim Features offers a quick reference guide for the t:slim specs.
  • T-Slim Starter Guide contains safety guidelines, battery charging instructions, unlocking and editing procedures.
  • tSlim User Guide includes introduction to the monitor, pump overview, cartridge loading, infusion site care, and bolus information.
  • TSlim Quick Reference Guide briefly describes the screen functions and activations.
  • T-Slim Maintenance Guide offers instructions for cleaning and inspecting your insulin pump.
  • Tandem Malfunction Guide provides a short troubleshooting guide.
  • t:slim Emergency Wallet Card contains troubleshooting and emergency data.
  • Patient Info AOB for Tandem tSlim includes patient information, prescription information and insurance.
  • Statement of Medical Necessity for the t:slim has patient information, prescription information and insurance for prescribing attestation and signature.
  • T-Slim Warranty policy by Tandem is described along with remedies.
  • Tandem Return Policy for t:slim insulin pump and monitor.

T-Slim Insulin Pump Video (3:00 minutes)

Recharging the t:slim Insulin Pump Video (0:39 minutes)

Navigating the tslim Touch Screen Video (1:22 minutes)

T:slim Insulin Pump Bolus Video (1:59 minutes)

T:slim Insulin Pump Profile Set Up (1:56 minutes)

Additional Information

Additional Information

Manufacturer Tandem Diabetes
Rx Type Insulin Pumps
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Tandem TSlim pump
This pump does the job. Easier to read than the black on grey screen of my previous minimed model. Nice styling of pump itself.
The fail points are: you have to recharge it every couple of days. It does not have a battery where you can just pop in a new one and it lasts a month. This pisses me off as it means no backpacking or extended time away from a power plug. If i want to go on a trip out in nature, i have to fire up my old minimed.
The new case they are selling now is poorly designed. The metal clip doesn't break but the plastic it is attached to breaks instead. When you flip it up to look at it, it is upside down!!
The little rubber door covering the usb recharge port is extremely hard to close all the way. So if I were to fall in the drink unexpectedly I'm pretty sure it would sustain water damage.
Could do with a large type feature. And software that talks to Dexcom sensor needs to show both the BG value and the up/down arrow LARGE and on first click. I can't read it without glasses or get the info at a glance if i'm driving and don't have the time to put it up to my eyeball to see it. A second click could get you the graph if you really want to see it.
  • Looks nice
  • functional failings

1 Item(s)

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