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Sure Care

Sure Care products are a brand of incontinence aids from Medtronics (formerly Covidien). SureCare offers underpads, protective underwear, incontinence pads, Male Guards, and undergarments to help protect from incontinence. Designed for adult incontinence, Sure Care disposable underpads and pads help you stay dry and comfortable. Vitality Medical carries a wide assortment of Sure Care Incontinence Products. A brief summary of each Sure Care product line is described below.

Sure Care Protective Underwear

Sure Care™ Protective Underwear provides dignified, comfortable protection in a pull-up type garment. Sure Care Protective Underwear offers the wearer the look, fit, and feel of real underwear that has the appearance of cloth. Flexible gathers provide a snug and secure fit to prevent side leaks. Sure Care protective underwear have handy tear-away sides for easy removal. These incontinence underwear offer odor control within its absorbent gel core. Soft and breathable absorbent material makes these protective underwear comfortable and keeps you feeling dry.

Sure Care Bladder Control Pads

Sure Care Bladder Control Pads offer effective and discreet protection for light incontinence, featuring a blue acquisition layer and super-absorbent polymers for maximum fluid retention and odor reduction. These incontinence pads keep the skin dry and comfortable. Formerly called Presence Bladder Control Pads, the SureCare Pads keep you feeling fresh and dry. Fitting securely inside your underwear with discreet noiseless backing, these Sure Care Pads have a soft, cloth like facing. A Poly-Fresh super absorbent layer wick away moisture and keeps your skin dry. Equipped with an adhesive backing, these pads resemble a feminine hygiene product.

Sure Care Disposable Underpads

SureCare Underpads offer light protection and are super-soft with a white, non-woven facing. Made with a highly absorbent cellulose fluff core and a non-skid backing, these mattress underpads can also protect furniture. These highly absorbent underpads are made with an extra soft white facing that is reduces the risk of skin irritation. A waterproof plastic backing protects your bed mattress and linens from leaks. The Sure Care Underpads are disposable.

Sure Care Fluff and Polymer Disposable Underpads

Sure Care Fluff and Polymer Disposable Underpads offer moderate protection and are manufactured with a fluff core with highly absorbent cellulose fiber. A plastic backing keeps moisture from escaping to your mattress or furniture. The light blue back sheet is waterproof and non-skidding. The facing of the SureCare Fluff and Polymer Underpads is non-woven and super soft for added comfort.

Sure Care Male Guards

Sure Care Male Guard Pads are designed to fit the anatomy of a man and provide light incontinence protection. Flexible leg gathers on each side of the Male Guard Pads help prevent leaks. These pads for men feature a blue acquisition layer constructed of a super-absorbent polymer for maximum fluid retention. These male incontinence pads trap wetness away from the skin. Sure Care Male Guards help reduce odor while maintaining discreetness. An adhesive backing attaches to your own undergarments and keeps the male incontinence pads in place.

Sure Care Undergarment with Belt

Sure Care Undergarment with Belt protect clothing from incontinence. Manufactured with a wide belt and leg gathers, these incontinence undergarments stay in place to provide better protection. The wide belt helps prevent the pinching of your skin. Cloth-like material reduces noise and feels like regular underwear. The Sure Care Undergarment with Belt provides odor protection.

Sure Care Pant Liner

Sure Care Pant Liners are manufactured with a super-absorbent polymer for maximum fluid retention. Urine is wicked away from your skin and locked into the absorbent material. Odor is reduced by retaining the fluid in the polymer. A double adhesive strip is attached to the waterproof backing to keep the liner secure. Designed with slim silhouette these pant liners are undetectable under regular clothing. These discreet incontinence liners help keep your skin healthier with its stay-dry facing.

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