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Supplement Preparation

Medication comes in many forms and dosages, but with tablets in particular often an individual has trouble swallowing them whole or they only require half the dose of the entire tablet. This is where the Fit and Healthy VitaMinder Tablet Splitter/Crusher comes in handy. If you are someone who struggles with swallowing tablets, this will crush them for you, which allows you to mix the medication in water or juice for easy consumption. You get all the benefits of the medication in an easy to swallow form. If you are interested in simply taking half of what a single tablet offers, it will easily split it into two dosages for your convenience.

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Each individual is unique and experiences different ailments throughout their lifetime. The human body and mind are powerful things, but even the healthiest of them all has problematic issues from time to time. There are many herbal remedies available to soothe, comfort and heal the mind and body. Because each individual is unique, the liquid drops available come in many forms with ingredients that target specific issues. Many people may experience more than one issue, not to worry, the Bach Flowers Remedies Mixing Bottle allows you to mix and match up to 7 essences if necessary.

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