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SpineDok Systems

SpineDok is a brand name of the Altrueon, LLC that provides a curved surface that allows people with back pain to stretch and condition their back to relieve aching and pain. The SpineDok Company began in 2008, offering the SpineDok Product to help relieve back pain. Sometimes confused with SpineDoc, Spine Dok, or Spine Doc, SpineDok is a stationary device that restores your spine to a natural, flexible fluid state. SpineDok is a holistic, at-home back conditioning device to solve spine-related pain and discomfort. Available in four options—the Basic SpineDok, the Starter SpineDok, the Deluxe SpineDok and the Deluxe Travel SpineDok, allows you to select the kit that best meets your needs.

The components for the various SpineDok Kit options are pictured below:

SpineDok TV Commmerial (0.52 minutes)

SpineDok Instructional Video (10:44 minutes)

SpineDok Offers Back Pain Relief Video (0:36 minutes)

SpineDok Exercise Workout Video (14:16 minutes)

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