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Smith & Nephew

Smith and Nephew products include advanced Wound Care Management, endoscopy, biologics, and orthopedic reconstruction. Vitality Medical provides a large selection of popluar Smith & Nephew Products. Smith & Nephew manufactures the following Wound Care Products: Absorbers, Alginate Dressing, Composite Dressing, Foam Dressing, Hydrocolloid Dressing, Hydrogels, Silicone Gel Sheeting, Silver Dressings, Compression Dressings, Smith Nephew Unna Boot, Gauze Pads, Non Adherent Dressings, Transparent Dressings, Antimicrobial Dressing, and Scar Removal Dressing. Wound Cleasners include Debriders, Disinfectants, and Adhesive Removers. Medical Tapes include Hypafix Tape, Cloth Tape and Elastic Tape. Skin Care products include Incontinence Cleansers, Protective Films, Skin Lotions & Creams, Barrier Ointments and Antifungal Cream. If you don't see a Smith & Nephew product that you are looking for on our site, give us a call and we will try to locate it for you.

Smith & Nephew Inc manufactures these top selling medical products: Hypafix Tape, Acticoat Dressing, Cica Care, and Allevyn Dressing. We also carry popular Smith and Nephew products like the Secura Cleanser, the Primapore Dressing, and the Unisolve Wipes.

Smith and Nephew Products at a Glance

For over 150 years, the advanced Smith & Nephew product line has been used by healthcare professionals around the world. Their pioneering technologies enable nurses, surgeons and other medical practitioners to provide effective treatment more quickly and economically.

Smith & Nephew products are sold in high growth markets driven by aging demographics and technology’s ability to enable patients to live longer and enjoy more active lives. With the help of their innovative equipment, patients enjoy improved mobility and rapid recovery from surgery with products like Smith and Nephew Hypafix Tape and Smith & Nephew Cica Care Silicone Gel Sheeting.

Smith and Nephew Inc Product Brand

Smith & Nephew products and the Smith and Nephew brand has become an industry leader in each of the three main Global Business Units - Orthopaedic Reconstruction and Trauma, Endoscopy and Advanced Wound Management. These businesses jointly offer over 1,000 product ranges including the Acticoat Dressing family.

Smith & Nephew Inc global infrastructure continues to expand each year and Smith and Nephew products have been selling in record numbers. Smith & Nephew products are currently sold in 32 countries and generate an annual sales of $3.8 billion. Substantial investment in our Smith & Nephew products and intensive research and development means that they are always technologically ahead.

Figures from last year show that they stand at number one as the leading company in Arthroscopy. They are the second largest organization in Advanced Wound Management and number three in Trauma and Clinical Therapies. Smith & Nephew products and their sales have positioned the company at number four in Reconstruction. Smith Nephew has a track record of bringing innovative new Smith & Nephew products to market that provide better clinical outcomes for patients and save costs for healthcare providers. This is the primary focus of their fourth business unit, Biologics, an important branch of Smith & Nephew.

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