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Skin Cleansers & Sanitizers

Skin Cleansers and Skin Sanitizers are medical supply items that disinfect and protect from disease. Vitality Medical carries skin sanitizers from leading medical manufacturers like ConvaTec, Mentor, 3M, Sage, Triad, and Veridien. Convenient products for the clinic, home and skilled nursing facilities to ensure patient health and safety.

Stock up on Purell Instant Hand Sanitizer in any size. Send a small bottle with your child to school or refill the dispenser at your office. Using the Cleansing Foams are popular with cleaning incontinence and ostomy sites. Whatever your hygiene and sanitation needs, Vitality Medical has the skin cleansers and hand sanitizers for you!

Depending on your sanitation needs, you can find a cleaning solution that would work best for you from our vast selection offered. From skin cleansing foam, wipes, infused towelettes, and no-rinse cleaners. You have the option of choosing the best skin sanitizing product for your unique needs. You may want to consider the Sensi-Care family line of products which includes a range of skin cleansers, by ConvaTec.

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