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Ostomy Skin Barriers — Ostomy Flanges, Coloplast Skin Barrier, ConvaTec Skin Barrier, Ostomy Skin Wafers

How to Choose the Right Skin Barrier For You:

Ostomy Skin Barriers and other ostomy products at discount prices. Ostomy Discount Supplies include Ostomy Skin Wafers, Ostomy Flanges, Ostomy Skin Barrier, Coloplast Skin Barrier and ConvaTec Skin Barrier. Discount Ostomy Skin Barriers from manufacturers such as Coloplast, Esteem, Sur Fit, Bard and Hollister you can buy online!

Ostomy Skin Barriers and Wafers fit over and around an ostomy stoma to provide sturdy barrier protection for ostomy patients from irritation caused by feces or urine. These barriers are designed to collect the output from the stoma while also providing a safe and secure seal from outside bacteria and infectants. They are formulated to be as gentle on the skin during removal of ostomy flange as possible, making for an overall more comfortable user experience of an ostomy pouch.

How to Choose the Right Skin Barrier For You:

There are several different types of barriers and barrier components, and it's important to get the right one for your lifestyle. Here we outline their various differences and benefits to help you make an informed decision. If you should need any further assistance, give our expert customer service team a call.

  • Standard Wear aka Regular Wear Barrier: A standard wear skin barrier, also known as a regular wear skin barrier, is usually the best choice if you have a colostomy as they are designed more for formed stool and can withstand wear for up to 5-7 days. They can, however, be worn with ileostomies and urostomies, and as such are intended for shorter wear times, usually 3-4 days. They have less tack and adhesion that extended wear barriers, allowing for more frequent changes.
  • Extended Wear Barrier: An extended wear barrier is likely the best choice if you have a urostomy or ileostomy as they have a greater resistance to liquid stool and urine. Some even contain moisture-absorbing substances which produces a noticeable swell in the barrier, not only allowing for a better seal, but provides a greater indication as to when changing is due. Their greater resistance also allows for longer wear times.
  • Flat Skin Barrier: A flat skin barrier is the ideal choice for you if your stoma protrudes from your body, particularly more than an inch, as it lies flat on the skin surrounding the stoma as a means of eliminating excess pressure on the tender area.
  • Convex Skin Barrier: A convex skin barrier might be the best choice if your stoma is flat with your body, or protrudes less than an inch, as they are intended to press more deeply on the stoma. They also work well for people who have a soft abdomen with a dip or an indented area around the stoma. With their heightened pressure, they are designed to help stop urine or stool leakage from occurring underneath the pouching system.
  • Pre-Sized Skin Barrier: A pre-sized skin barrier is a great option if your stoma is round and no longer changing in size. They are already cut to the correct size, which allows you to apply them without any modifications.
  • Cut-to-Fit Skin Barrier: A cut-to-fit skin barrier is the most ideal for oval or oblong stomas, or a stoma that may still be changing in size or shape. You will need to measure the size and shape of your stoma and then trace the desired cut out area on the back of the barrier before cutting out the opening.
  • Mold-to-Fit Barrier: A mold-to-fit skin barrier is usually the best choice is you have a urostomy, or like the cut-to-fit, have a stoma that is oval, oblong or still changing in size or shape. Their flexible material can be shaped with fingers, eliminating the need for scissors. The flexible adhesive expands and contracts, allowing it to move with the stoma, making for a comfortable and stable use for the wearer.

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