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Silvert's Affordable Quality Adaptive Clothing for Home Health Care

Silvert’s specializes in the manufacture and distribution of specialized clothing for Seniors and the Disabled. Silvert’s Disabled Clothing, Non-Slip Socks and Senior Care Clothing are popular because they offer comfort and full range of motion. Silvert’s Adaptive Clothing provides individuals with a loss of mobility an easier way to don or doff clothing and shoes. Wheelchair patients also enjoy adaptive apparel designed to meet their specific needs. Silverts continues to add to their product lines all types of adaptive clothing to make life easier for seniors and disabled individuals. Starting in Ontario, Canada in 1930, Silverts began as a small department store and quickly grew to a chain of stores. With over 80 years of focus on adaptive clothing that offes easy dressing, comfort and style, Silvert's clothing meets the wash-and-wear needs of mobility patients.

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