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Juzo is a world leader in the manufacturer of Compression Stockings. Since 1912, Juzo has provided stockings for Compression Therapy to help individuals with circulation issues related to venous insufficiency, lymphedema, swollen legs, achy legs and other circulation problems. Juzo manufactures Compression Stockings in the United States and Germany are well respected within the medical industry. The name of the company is derived from its founder, Julius Zorn. The first two letters of both his first name and last name combine to form the work "Juzo". Julius Zorn pioneered advanced compression medical products by soliciting feedback for medical professional and patients. Today, Juzo continues to innovate and improve its Compression Stocking product lines with comfortable and effective stockings for medical treatment. Best Selling Juzo products include the Juzo Varin Stockings with a seamless knit, Juzo Soft Stockings with extra soft fabric, Juzo Silver Stockings for treating leg ulcers, Juzo Cotton Stockings for a comfortable fit and extended wear, Juzo Basic Stockings made from a latex free blend of Lycra and Polyamid, Juzo Attractive Stockings with stylish designs, Juzo Attractive OTC Compression Socks Stockings with low compression requiring no prescription, Juzo Hostess Stockings with an elastic knit made from a blend of Polyamide and Spandex, Juzo Natural Sheer Stockings with a sheer but durable fabric, and Juzo Stump Shrinker Stockings for amputees.

Below are links to Size Charts and Measuring Guides for Juzo Compression Sleeves, Compression Garments, Compression Gloves and Compression Stockings.

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Juzo Compression Stockings Measuring Guide

Juzo Arm Sleeves & Guantlet Sizing Chart

Juzo Leg Compression Stocking Sizing Chart

Juzo Basic

Juzo Basic are compression stockings manufactured by Juzo. These Unisex compression stockings are ideal for men and women who require compression. These Juzo Basic Compression Stockings feature a seamless stretch and are machine washable. Juzo basic unisex compression stockings are available in a Knee High and a Thigh High variety. Juzo Basic Compression Stockings can be purchased in a closed or open toe, so there is a compression stocking to suit almost anyone.

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