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Molnlycke is a top manufacturer of Wound Care products, including Molnlycke Transparent Dressings, Molnlycke Absorbant Dressings, Molnlycke Tubular Dressings, Molnlycke Foam Dressings, Molnlycke Hydrocolloid Dressings, Molnlycke Silver Dressings, Molnlycke Odor Control Dressings, Molnlycke Cloth Tape, Molnlycke Hypoallergenic Tape, Molnlycke Silicone Gel Sheeting, Molnlycke Surgical Masks and Molnlycke Protective Wear. Vitality Medical carries the top Molnlycke wound care brands. These brands include Molnlycke's Mepiform, Mepitel, Mepilex, Mefix, Mepitac, Mepore, LyoFoam, Tubigrip, and Tubifast. These wound care products manufactured by Molnlycke are specially designed to be gentle and effective in treating several different types of wounds. Consult with a qualified medical caregiver before deciding which Molnlycke Dressing is right for you.

Molnlycke supplies some of the top absorbent dressings in the medical supply industry, including Molnlycke Mepilex, Molnlycke Mepiform, Molnlycke Alldress, and Molnlycke LyoFoam Dressing. Some highly specialized Molnlycke dressing bandages include Molnlycke Mesalt, Mestopore Stoma Dressing, Molnlycke Tubigrip, and Molylycke Tubifast. Molnlycke also manufactures Protective Medical Wear, such as Molnlycke Surgical Masks, Molnlycke Protective Glasses, and Molnlycke Protective Goggles used to protect healthcare providers. Other best selling Molnlycke Medical Products include Molnlycke Isotonic Saline Gel and Molnlycke SetoPress. Discount Molnlycke Wound Care and Molnlycke Medical Protective Wear supplies you can buy online for homecare use!.

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Mepiform is a Wound Dressing designed to reduce hypertrophic and keloid scars. This thin, flexible self-adherent dressing is for use on closed wounds to help prevent and reduce scarring. Mepiform is a Silicone Gel Sheet manufactured by Molnlycke. It may take from 3 months up to a year or more to improve an old scar, depending on the condition of the scar tissue. Mepiform is optimally worn 24 hours a day. Mepiform should be removed once a day for showering or bathing. For prophylactic treatment, Molnlycke Mepiform should be used for 2-6 months, depending on the condition of the scar.

Molnlycke Mepiform Silicone Gel Sheeting are available in two sizes: 2 x 3, 4 x 7. Each Mepiform Silicone Gel Scar Sheet may be cut to the size needed to match the scar area. This Scar Dressing is used to reduce scar tissue and to prevent hypertrophic and keloid scarring.

Molnlycke Mepiform Features & Benefits

  • Mepiform minimizes pain and trauma at dressing changes.
  • Mepiform requires no extra fixation for adhesion.
  • Gel Sheeting is thin, flexible and discreet.
  • Mepiform may be worn in daily activities.
  • Cut gel sheet to size needed.
  • Mepiform Gel Sheet may be used for several days

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