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Johnson & Johnson is a very well-known medical supply company. More than likely you have a least one Johnson & Johnson product in your home as you read this. Vitality Medical carries Johnson & Johnson products that are most likely to be used for physician's supplies and homecare purposes, including Wound Dressings such as Johnson & Johnson Transparent Dressings, Johnson & Johnson Compression Dressings, Johnson & Johnson Alginate Dressings, Johnson & Johnson Collagen Dressings, Johnson & Johnson Foam Dressings, Johnson & Johnson Hydrocolloid Dressings, Johnson & Johnson Hydrogel Dressings, Johnson & Johnson Silver Dressings and Johnson & Johnson Absorbers. Johnson & Johnson also manufactures Medical Tapes that are popular for homecare and the hospital, including Johnson & Johnson Cloth Tapes and Johnson & Johnson Elastic Tapes. Johnson & Johnson Wound Care Products brands include Bioclusive, Elastikon and Zonas.

Johnson & Johnson manufactures Medical Disinfectants that are used in many hospitals and clinics. These powerful disinfectants are used to sterilize medical surgical instruments and other medical equipment. The most popular disinfectants include Cidex Dialdehyde 14-day Solution, Cidex Plus 28-day Solution and Cidex OPA.

Johnson & Johnson brands include Elastikon, Promogran, Ne Gel, Cidex, Fibracol, Nu Derm, Biopatch and Dyna Flex. Discount J&J products including elastic tape, wound care, dressings, shampoo and disinfectant.


How to Choose an Adaptic Dressing

Adaptic Non-Adhering Dressing is a gauze designed to rest against an open wound. This primary dressing is non-woven, meaning it is made of material other than cotton yarn or threads. Adaptic Dressing is made up of a knit cellulose acetate gauze coated with petrolatum emulsion. The emulsion makes the primary wound dressing comfortable and soothing on the wound bed, while also maintaining a moist environment ideal for proper healing. This moist gauze dressing is a knit sheet and is porous to allow exudate, oozing liquid, to pass through the dressing and to be absorbed into a secondary dressing. This effectively keeps the exudate liquid from pooling and prevents wound maceration. When the Adaptic gauze dressing needs to be taken off, the petrolatum coating prevents the material from sticking and re-opening the wound, leaving no dressing residue behind. The material can be cut to size to fit any wound shapes.

When to Choose Adaptic Dressing

The good thing about Adaptic Dressing is it adapts to many kinds of wound types, despite whether the wound is dry or with heavy exudate. One consideration the patient should make is purchasing a secondary dressing absorbent material to soak up the exudate that passes through the Adaptic mesh gauze. It should all be secured to the wound, possibly with the use of a self-adherent wrap. Another consideration to make is matching the wound size to the size of the Adaptic mesh. The dressing size selection should give a generous amount to ensure the wound bed is completely covered. See below to reference the sizes variation.

Adaptic Dressing Sizes and their Various Uses

Adaptic Gauze comes in several size variations. The Adaptic square dressing comes in one size: 3 x 3 inch. The rectangle strips come in a 5 x 9 inch dimension. There is the Adaptic 3 x 8 inch strip and the Adaptic 3 x 16 inch strip for extended wounds -- great for surgical incisions and long lacerations.

Adaptic Dressing Applications

The silicone in this primary wound dressing makes it slightly sticky on contact. It is simply peeled from the sterile packaging and placed directly on the wound where it will stay put to allow the patient or caregiver to put a secondary dressing over it. Adaptic gauze is ideal for the following wound types:

  • Burns
  • Nail Extractions
  • Eczema
  • Staples
  • Surgical Incisions
  • Venous Ulcers
  • Dry to Highly Exudating wounds

Adaptic gauze is not for body implantation. Also avoid using this impregnated gauze if the patient is allergic or sensitive to silicon or cellulose acetate.

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