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Coloplast Products have been highly regarded in the medical industry for over 50 years. Coloplast manufactures ostomy products, catheters, drainage bags and leg bags. The longevity of the Coloplast Corporation can be attributed to its excellence in three separate categories: ostomy care, urology and wound care.

One of the most popular Coloplast Products is the Coloplast BAZA Antifungal, a soothing, gentle cream that treats fungal infections due to incontinence. Coloplast Corp also manufacturers Coloplast Conveen, a respected brand in urinary care, the Coloplast Contreet Dressing, a silver foam dressing, as well as numerous Coloplast Catheters. They also provide a line of Coloplast Ostomy Supplies and a number of other Coloplast products.

Coloplast develops products and services that make life easier for people with very personal and private medical conditions. Working closely with the people who use their products, they create solutions that are sensitive to their special needs. Coloplast Corporation calls this intimate healthcare.

Click on the Coloplast Ostomy Video to the right to see the difference Coloplast provides to the ostomy patient.

The Coloplast Corporation Story

The Coloplast Product legacy started back in 1954. Nurse Elise Sørensen was concerned by the dramatic change in her sister’s lifestyle following an ostomy operation. Thora no longer dared to go out, fearing that her stoma would leak in public. Elise was determined to help her sister out of her isolation never realizing that the Coloplast Corporation would result. She came up with the idea of an ostomy bag with an adhesive ring, which would make it fit tightly to the skin. This would prevent leakage and give her sister – and thousands of people like her – the chance to return to their normal life. Now similar Coloplast Ostomy products are used worldwide. A simple Coloplast solution with great significance. Today, the business of Coloplast includes ostomy care, urology, continence care and wound and skin care. Well known Coloplast products include the Coloplast Antifungal Cream, the Coloplast Barrier Ointments and the Coloplast Skin Cleansers, as well as numerous other Coloplast Catheters. They also provide a line of Coloplast Ostomy Supplies and a number of other Coloplast products.

In all these medical areas, Coloplast is guided by Elise's passion and commitment. Like her, the Coloplast Corporation works closely with people who have intimate healthcare needs. They listen to their needs and respond with Coloplast products and services that make their lives easier.


Living with an Ostomy Video (25:29 minutes)




Brava™ Products provide a new level of control over your ostomy care.

Whether you're looking to better protect irritated skin, reduce discomfort when removing ostomy adhesives or create a more even skin surface, this specialty line of Brava™ Ostomy Supplies has everything you need, and more.

See below to find the Brava™ Deodorants and Brava™ Skin Barriers that we carry here at Vitality Medical.

Brava™ is a premier line of Ostomy Accessories that offers targeted care for the sensitive skin around the ostomy area and helps put a stop to ostomy leakage. Developed by Coloplast, a major manufacturer of Ostomy Supplies, Brava™ Ostomy Products provide highly effective solutions for common ostomy issues.

For example, Brava™ Lubricating Deodorant eliminates ostomy odor while making it easier to remove and replace the ostomy pouch. Other products in the Brava™ Series include ostomy powders, ostomy rings and Brava™ Skin Barrier Protective Sheets.

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