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Shirley Ks

Shirley K’s is a manufacturer of multi-purpose plastic storage trays, stackable storage bins, organizational trays and other plastic products. Formerly known by the name of the Fabri-Form Company, Shirley Ks products are designed to fit or nest inside existing spaces to make those areas more efficient. Headquartered in Zanesville, Ohio, Shirley K’s is a thermoforming plastic manufacturer of products used for education, medical, food handling, residential and industrial applications. Manufacturing over 200 storage and organizational trays,Shirley K’s has grown to provide national distribution of its products.

Shirley K’s makes storage trays and storage totes to conveniently separate and organize things. Shirley Ks Trays can be found on workbenches, desks, tabletops, cabinets, closets and drawers. Using high-impact polystyrene plastic, Shirley K’s products are unbreakable with normal use. These plastic trays are lightweight and stackage, providing even more utility around the home, office or shop. Vitality Medical carries the Shirley K’s Sensory Table and Pet Beds.

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