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Seeking Health

Seeking Health products help individuals support their bodily systems and enjoy overall healthy living. Their customer-focused company is dedicated to educating consumers and providing safe, toxin free, environmentally-friendly Personal Care Equipment.

We carry the Seeking Health Stainless Steel PurEnema Kit and related Enema Kit Parts which help patients maintain optimal colon health. Like other Seeking Health products, this medical grade Colon Care Device does more than simply manage symptoms -- it promotes a healthy lifestyle that helps you get better and stay better.

Designed by Dr. Ben, the founder of Seeking Health, the PurEnema Kit offers the only enema kit construction on the market made of only stainless steel and chemical-free, medical standard silicone parts.

PurEnema Kits by Seeking Health have everything you need to perform safe, unassisted enemas at home.

Parts include a 2.5 quart stainless steel bucket, a tubing clamp, 6 feet of medical grade silicone tubing, 5 feet of colon tubing, a retention enema tip, a straight enema tip and a detailed instruction booklet. The kit assembles easily, and all Enema Kit Parts can be replaced individually.

Intended for repeated home or professional use, this device will effectively flush toxins from the body, reduce inflammation and relieve constipation. Colon cleansings also offer effective treatment of ulcerative colitis, inflammatory bowel disease, Crohn's disease and chronic diverticulitis.

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