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Mckesson is a leading medical supplier that has been in business for 175 years. They are an American based company with headquarters in San Francisco, California. Mckesson employs over 33,000 people and now manufactures a variety of separate brands.Thera Brand and Medi-Pak products are two of Mckessons individual brands.

Thera is a brand of creams, powders, cleansers, and body shields manufactured by Mckesson. Thera Skin Care Products are allergen free and will not sensitize the skin. Thera products are all made with safflex, which is a blend of vitamins that protect, fortify, energize, moisturize, stabilize, and invigorate the skin.

Medi-Pak is a medical supply product line designed for patients and hospital use. Medi-Pak produces everything from Hospital Slipper Socks to Irrigation Solution.

Each thera product contains unique skin care ingredients in addition to safflex. Thera Antimicrobial Cleanser has an antiseptic, as well as, hyaluronic acid, designed to eliminate bacteria while hydrating the skin.

Thera Moisturizing Body Cleanser contains Dimethicone, which is a skin protectant, making it perfect for individuals with dry or irritated skin.

Thera Foaming Body Cleanser is designed to reduce the mess when cleansing. The foaming formula works for the skin and hair. Thera Foaming Body Cleanser contains aloe vera for skin nourishment. This foaming cleanser will exfoliate dry skin.

Thera Skin Protectant Creams are ideal for protecting skin irritation due to rashes while moisturizing the skin. Medi-Pak products are designed with the patient in mind, they use latex free packaging and offer hospital socks in regular and bariatric sizes.

Review Wheelchair Cushion

Did you know that there is more than one type of wheelchair cushion? When shopping for wheelchair cushions, you can choose from foam seat cushions, gel seat cushions, basic seat cushions and comfortable seat liners.

Finding the Right Wheelchair Cushion for You

Reading through customer reviews is a lucrative way to learn more about the right wheelchair cushion for you. If you're unsure about which wheelchair cushion is the right choice for you, browse through some of the customer reviews for our wheelchair cushions to learn more about each product. You can also leave a review for your favorite wheelchair cushion.

Wheelchair Cushion Customer Reviews

Roho Low Profile Wheelchair Cushion is one of our most popular wheelchair cushions. With interconnected air cells that adjust to individual needs, this cushion provides an optimal amount of simultaneous support and comfort. You can read the positive customer reviews for this wheelchair cushion to learn about some of its additional features and benefits. Some of the positive things that customers had to say about this cushion include the following:

  • "I used to have pressure sores from sitting in my wheelchair all day. This cushion allowed my sores to heal and keep them from coming back."
  • "It is very lightweight and easy to transfer from the wheelchair to the car seat."

Comfort Plus Hollowcore Wheelchair Liner is another popular wheelchair cushion. Providing both pressure relief and posture control, this cushion fits snugly into the seat and the back of the wheelchair and cushions the armrest and side panels. You can read the positive customer reviews for this wheelchair liner cushion to learn more. One customer said the following about this cushion liner:

  • "The Wheelchair Liner was delivered promptly and was exactly what I was hoping for: comfort for Mom in her wheelchair."

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