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Reachgood is a division of Reach Global Industries based in Irvine, California. Reachgood Industrial Company designs, engineers, assembles, manufactures, and distributes plastic products. Reachgood Manufacture Group offers catheters, urinals and drainage bags for the removal and disposal of urine and fecal waste. Innovation at the Reachgood Company has resulted in the production and distribution of safe urine collection and disposal products that help protect users and caregivers from the transfer of infectious matter. Since 1997, Reach Global Industries (RGi) has developed products with collaboration between departments to manufacture low cost and effective products that meet the needs of patients and caregivers.

Reachgood Industrial Company Products

Travel John is a disposable urinal designed for travel. The TravelJohn is a puncture-resistant urine pouch that holds 20 fluid ounces and is small, lightweight and easy to use.
Reachgood Urinary Catheters provide protection for urinary tract infections.
RGi Powersorb Drainage Bags offers greater infection control and protection than standard urinary bags.

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