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Finger Pulse Oximeters - Adult, Pediatric

Finger Pulse Oximeters are designed to measure the heart rate and oxygen saturation that an oxygen patient currently has. They are ideal when doing anything that can be physically exerting. For example, when you are walking around the house you will typically have a higher oxygen level than if you were on a longer walk. By sampling your oxygen levels regularly you can keep yourself or your patient within the safe oxygen range.

Finger Pulse Oximeters are portable pulse oximeters that often come with digital displays. Best selling oximeters include the SPO Pulse Oximeter and the Respironics Pulse Oximeter. These digital finger pulse oximeters are hand held devices that are often used with oxygen therapy. A pulse oximeter is a non-invasive device to measure oxygenation of blood and pulse rates.

Using a pulse oximeter can detect under-oxygenation in a patient before it reaches a dangerous level. While pulse oximeters are often used on conscious patients, it's also common to use a clinical oximeter while a patient is under the effects of anesthesia during surgery. Pulse oximeters are also used for sleep studies, prevention of sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS), exercise sports training and often when a patient is receiving adjunct oxygen therapy.

Sleep studies use pulse oximeters to monitor a patient's tendency to stop breathing during sleep. When an individual stops breathing during sleep, this is termed 'sleep apnea.' Regular periods of sleep apnea creates low oxygen levels in the blood and interferes with the regular sleep cycle. These patients often complain of a lack of feeling well rested. Some pulse oximeters have software that allows recording of the trend of oxygen saturation during a sleep cycle. Oximeters are often used for people whom have sleep apnea, and the system alarms when the saturation reaches a pre-set threshold.

Pulse oximeters are diagnostic tools that allow a convenient way of finding both pulse and blood/oxygen saturation. Pulse oximeters provide easy oxygen level determination simply by clipping them to the fingertip of the patient -- they often eliminate the need for drawing blood. Pulse Oximeters are a resource to both individuals and health professionals and Vitality Medical carries a wide selection of them.

These oxygen saturation monitors come in two styles: probe wrap and fingertip. The Probe Wrap model has more clinical applications, whereas a Fingertip style is simply clipped on to the finger and can be used anywhere.

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Pulse Oximeters Patient Applications:

  • Checking cardiovascular health by determining heart rate.
  • Checking the level of oxygen in the blood to know when supplemental oxygen may be needed.
  • To find out when a patient may encounter a drop in oxygen levels.
  • Use as a way of getting blood oxygen data and storing that data for later retrieval.
  • For daily management of respiratory health.

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