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Primus Medical

With their broad selection of medical equipment products, Primus Medical offers unique, cost-effective solutions to healthcare professionals. Their company designs and manufactures Bariatric Hospital Beds, Patient Lifts and other products that increase patient safety and dignity.

For example, the ultra-low design of their Primus Low Bed allows the bed deck to drop as low as 7 inches off the ground. This low height greatly reduces the risk of patients injuring themselves when entering and exiting the bed. The bed even retains its ability to roll when set at its lowest level, adding additional ease of use for medical professionals.

Across each of their helpful product lines, this innovative American company proves that it knows how to put itself in the shoes of medical workers and patients alike.

Primus Medical also offers full lines of Bed Assist Rails, Hospital Bed Mattresses and other Hospital Bed Accessories. These additional products allow their beds to be customized to each individual patient and facility's needs.

See below for a full list of the Primus Medical products that we carry.

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