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Phillips Lift Systems

Phillips Lift Systems is the maker of the patented Tush Push Toilet Lift Chair, a one-of-a-kind, hydraulic Electric Lift Chair for the bathroom.

After his grandmother became unable stand up in a restaurant bathroom, Mr. Phillips designed the Tush Push to increase the quality of life of people with limited mobility. As he sees it, if we can put a person on the moon, we should be able to get a person off of the toilet.

The Tush Push Lift recreates the natural motion of standing up by lifting and pushing forward at the same time. Complete with grab bars, optional backup batteries and customizable size expansions, the Tush Push is easily the safest, easiest and most comfortable toilet lift option for those who need it.

The Tush Push will restore independence in the bathroom for virtually anybody with limited mobility. Patients with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) -- also called Lou Gehrig's Disease -- and Inflammatory Muscle Disease (IMD) have found this Toilet Lift especially helpful. This is largely because of the special care that Phillips has taken to reproduce the natural motion of standing.

The Tush Push Toilet Lift is also available in a two-motor option to accommodate bariatric patients.

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