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Patient Safety Products, Equipment & Supplies

Patient Safety devices and products are important for caregivers and family who have a patient that could potentially put themselves in danger. Vitality Medical hosts various patient safety and risk management supplies that range from simple clothing items like non-slip socks, slippers, and other fall protection garments; to sophisticated electronic devices like personal alarms, door alarms and other alerting devices. There are also restraints available in various configurations and designs for patients at risk of injuring themselves or others. Vitality Medical provides multiple brands to choose from to meet your patient safety needs. Browse our Patient Safety Store and find exactly what you need.

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Patient Safety Patient Applications
  • Use Fall Protection for: keeping the feet stable on the floor with non-slip socks, adding friction to the feet for stability, padding the hips with hipster briefs, and having something to grab with a grab bar.
  • Use Patient Safety Alarm Systems for: alerting a nurse or caregiver of a potentially dangerous situation, alerting a caregiver the patient is off the bed or chair, and keeping a confused patient from wandering.
  • Use Restraints for: keeping a patient from self injury, preventing a distraught patient from injuring another, and keeping a confused patient from wandering and getting lost.
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