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Ostomy Accessories — Ostomy Belts, Ostomy Support Pouches, Ostomy Tubes

Life after ostomy surgery can be a big adjustment. Fortunately, Vitality Medical has a wide selection of all the right ostomy accessories to help you manage and care for your ostomy so you can comfortably go about your day. From cleansers and deodorizers to belts and pouch covers, we want to make sure you have the right tools to make living with an ostomy as effortless and unnoticeable as possible.

Of course, an ostomy bag isn't the only item you will need. One great choice to add to your ostomy arsenal is an ostomy support belt. Belts are made from flexible, breathable fabric that not only helps to keep your bag in place throughout the day, but also allows you to move freely without worrying about losing your bag or its contents. Their breathable, expansive material allows them to grow as your pouch fills, reducing the bulk underneath your clothes.

For even more added comfort, consider choosing an ostomy pouch cover. Pouch covers keep moisture at bay too, while in turn helping to preserve the life of your pouch and regulate your temperature, as well as reduce odors commonly associated with ostomy procedures. These pouch covers are completely non-invasive and very simple to attach and wear.

Another great option for helping to reduce odors is an ostomy deodorizer. Odors are inevitable sometimes and may arise due to your stoma's location, the types of foods you eat, or your lifestyle. Deodorizers and odor eliminators help keep you odor-free and come in many different forms to suit a wide variety of preferences, including sprays, drops, tablets and capsules, lubricants, and filters.

You will also want to cleanse your ostomy bag, pouch, or barrier, as well as your skin on a regular basis. Many regular cleaning products are not suitable for ostomy appliances and can diminish their lifespan, racking up costs in the process. For this, we have several ostomy cleansers available. From a simple liquid cleaners to decrystalizer cleaner, we have the all the right products to help you keep your skin and stoma healthy and safe so that you can go through your day worry-free.

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Types of Ostomy Accessories

We carry several different types of ostomy accessories, including the following:

  • Ostomy belts
  • Pouch covers
  • Drain tubes
  • Prep pads
  • Cleansers
  • Deodorizers
  • Stoma caps

Vitality Medical carries a large assortment of ostomy accessory supplies that are hard to find at local retailers and nearly impossible to find outside of large urban areas.

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