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Oral CPAP Mask

Oral CPAP Masks provide CPAP Therapy for mouth breathers and patients with chronic nasal obstruction. Oral Mask Interfaces are easy to use and easy to seal. CPAP patients who like to read, watch TV or work on a laptop before falling asleep can benefit from the increased field of vision provided by an Oral CPAP Mask. Since the hose and mask are positioned below the nose, there is nothing to obstruct the CPAP patient's field of vision. Many Sleep Apnea patients also prefer Oral Masks because they provide greater freedom of movement. Below is a graphic displaying some of the many problems that can result from untreated sleep apnea.

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CPAP Oral Mask Profile


The images above profile an oral mask from several different angles. The mask displayed is the Fisher & Paykel Oracle 452. This mask seals around the patient's mouth. The mask avoids contact with sensitive areas like the forehead and nose bridge. The headgear is minimal and keeps the mask firmly in place around the patient's mouth.


Hybrid Mask Components


The oral mask has five basic components. These components include the swivel connector, frame, centre body, silicone seal and headgear. The image above displays these components on the Fisher & Paykel Oracle 452 Oral Mask. The mask interface attaches to the mask frame. The headgear secures the mask frame and cushion against the patient’s face to achieve a good seal. The swivel connector also attaches to the mask frame at the front of the mask. All five components work together as the final path from the CPAP Machine to the Air Supply Tubing to the CPAP mask to deliver therapuetic pressurized air to the patient.


Advantages of an Oral CPAP Mask

  • Offers mouth breathing CPAP therapy
  • Serves patients with chronic congestion
  • Serves patients with permnament nasal obstructions
  • Supports back and side sleepers
  • Avoids contact with the forehead
  • Avoids contact with the nose bridge
  • Small profile mask


How to Select the Best Oral CPAP Mask

The oral mask is for mouth breathing only. If your sleeping pattern finds you breathing through your mouth at night, the oral CPAP mask is likely the best fit for you. This mask design supports patients with chronic congestion or a permnament nasal obstruction. It also supports patients that breathe exclusively through their mouth throughout their sleep. The frame size is small and lightweight making it unintrusive. This mask does not touch the forehead or nose bridge areas. See the mask selection guides at Types of CPAP Masks and CPAP Mask Selection Aid for additional help in choosing the best CPAP mask for your individual needs.

Fisher & Paykel is currently the only manufacturer of Oral CPAP Masks.


What is a Oral Mask?

It is a CPAP mask for sleep apnea that provides pressurized air to the mouth only.

What Are the CPAP Alternatives for Mouth Breathers?

Mouth breathing patients should consider the oral CPAP mask, the full face mask, and the hybrid mask.

Do I need an Oral CPAP Mask?

CPAP patients that are strictly mouth breathers during sleep are good candidates for an oral mask. These patients may have chronic congestion, nasal obstruction, or simiply breathe through their mouth.

How does the Oral CPAP Mask Work?

A CPAP Machine provides presurized air to Air Tubing. The air passes through the tubing to a swivel elbow connector. The swivel connector is attached to the oral mask, allowing air to reach the patient's airway through the mouth.

What is the Best CPAP Oral Mask?

The Fisher & Paykel is currently the only mask of this type.



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