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5 Liter Oxygen Concentrator with Oxygen Monitor



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5 Liter Oxygen Concentrator with Nebulizer Kit


Regular Price: $1,267.51

Sale Price: $975.00

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5 Liter Oxygen Concentrator with Oxygen Monitor - REFURB FULL WARRANTY



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5 Liter Oxygen Concentrator with Oxygen Monitor - Each
SKU: AS005-4


Out of Stock
5 Liter Oxygen Concentrator with Nebulizer Kit - Each
SKU: AS005-7

Regular Price: $1,267.51

Sale Price: $975.00

Out of Stock
5 Liter Oxygen Concentrator with Oxygen Monitor - REFURB FULL WARRANTY - Each
SKU: As005-4


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Airsep NewLife Elite Oxygen Concentrator 5 Liter Product Series Number: AS005

Airsep Reseller

NewLife Elite Oxygen Concentrator is a 5 liter stationary oxygen concentrator manufactured by AirSep. This O2 device is part of the NewLife series of respirtory therapy designed for homecare use, hospital use and clinical use. The AirSep AS005 NewLife Elite Oxygen Concentrators provide continuous flow oxygen for Therapeutic Respiratory Treatment. It is an economical machine that offers low power consumption at 350 watts of power or less when placed in “Economy Mode.” This therapy devicewill keep your power bill lower than most other oxygen concentrators that have a 5 liter oxygen delivery capacity. This device also offers several alarm features such as battery test, power failure, high pressure and low pressure.

Purchase Options

  1. Without O2 Monitor.
  2. With O2 Monitor.
  3. With Nebulizer Kit.
  4. With OxiSilent & Nebulizer Kit.


O2 Monitor

The oxygen monitor can be added to the concentrator for a nominal cost. This device is a factory installed option that allows you to monitor the O2 concentration level produced by the machine during operation. Should the concentration level fall below an acceptable therapeutic level, an amber warning light will turn on. If the alarm light remains on for more than 15 minutes, an additional intermittent alarm sound will commence.

Nebulizer Outlet

The nebulizer outlet allows you to connect a hand-held nebulizer to the O2 concentrator for nebulization therapy. This option includes an air valve that can be switched on or off and an air outlet barb fitting. The outlet regulator is preset to deliver 6 liters per minute at 12 psig. Please note that oxygen-enriched air is not delivered to the nebulizer outlet.


The OxiSilent function incorporates an additional felt intake filter prior to the room air entering the compressor. This function reduces the noise emitted by the compressor.


AirSep 5 Liter O2 Machine Features

O2 Machine


Elite Logo

Features & Benefits


  • Offers therapeutic oxygen.
  • Provides for an optional oxygen monitor.
  • Provides for an optional nebulizer outlet.
  • Provides optional OxiSilent function.
  • Low power consumption with Economy Mode.
  • Offers up to 5 liters of continuous flow oxygen.
  • Low oxygen flow lockdown feature is useful for pediatric applications as well as other respiratory patient requirements for low flow O2.
  • Flow lockdown can achieve 0.125 to 2 liters per minute (LPM).
  • Made in the USA.
  • Offers ruggedness and reliability.
  • AirSep quality and durability.
  • Low maintenance requirement of weekly filter cleaning.

Product Specifications

With O2 Monitor

Product Specifications

5 Liter Specifications

Product Size and Weight

  • Width: 15.7 Inch
  • Height: 28.5 Inch
  • Depth: 14.5 Inch
  • Weight: 54 lbs.


  • Noise: 48-50 dBA.
  • Maximum Output: 5 LPM.
  • Maximum Outlet Pressure: 7-9 PSIG.
  • O2 Concentration Levels: 1-3 LPM @ 95.5% to 92, 4 LPM @ 92% +/- 3, 5 LPM @ 90% +/- 3.

Product Operation

  • Power Consumption: 350 Watts.
  • Power Connection: 120VAC/60Hz.
  • Maximum Operating Altitude: 0 – 10,000 feet above sea level.
  • Alarms: Battery test, power failure, high pressure, low pressure, and low concentration with optional oxygen monitor.

Manufacturing and Dependability

  • Product Numbers: AS005-1, AS005-4, AS005-7, AS005-87.
  • HCPCS Code: E1390.
  • Manufacturer: AirSep.
  • Brand: NewLife.
  • Made in USA.
  • Warranty: 3 years.

Additional Product Information

Certified Specialist Seal

Home Therapy


Certified Oxygen Concentrator Specialist - Questions about the AirLife Elite 5 or any of the other concentrator can be answered by one of our Certified Specialist. These trained specialist are trained, tested and re-evaluated every six months to ensure they are on top of the latest technology and the newest O2 therapy delivery devices. These certified specialist can help you with questions about pulse flow, continuous flow, concentration levels, high altitude operation, therapy while traveling, as well as questions about specific machine specifications. Call toll free to 800-397-5899 to reach one of our certified specialist.


VM Rental Program - If you would like to "kick the tires" by trying out a particular oxygen therapy device before actually purchasing it, try our rental program. Vitality Medical rents by the week with no limitation on the number of weeks. Try before you buy and take all the time you need to test, try and learn how to use one of the leading machines on the market. Often oxygen patients want to take a portable concentrator with them while traveling since home concentrators are too bulky and do not work with many foreign power grids. Vitality Medical has several lightweight portables approved by the FAA for airline travel that can be operated 24/7 while on your vacation. Call today for details at 800-397-5899.


Vitality Medical Buy Back Program - Not 100% satisfied with the O2 machine you purchased? Let us make it right! Vitality Medical will buy your machine back and help you determine a better fit.


Loaner Program - Should your concentrator need to be repaired, Vitality Medical provides a concentrator on-loan for you to use while your machine is repaired. If your machine is under warranty, our customers have access to the Vitality Medical Loaner Program.


Easy Warranty Processing - If your oxygen concentrator requires repair while under warranty, just give us a call on our toll free line to set up your warranty repair at 800-397-5899. Remember, Vitality Medical offers a free loaner while your concentrator is being repaired. Warranty processing is only for concentrators purchased from Vitality Medical.


Oxygen Concentrator Resources

  1. O2 Expertise from Vitality Medical Certified Experts.
  2. Comparison Chart of the Top 5 Liter Oxygen Concentrators displays oxygen performance, size, weight, operating factors and dependability.
  3. Filters manufactured by Chart Industries.
  4. Accessories and Replacement Parts including batteries, backpacks and power supplies.

Manuals and Documents

  • pdf logo   Brochure offers the features and benefits of this 5 Liter Oxygen Concentrator.
  • pdf logo   User Manual covers the operation, maintenance and cleaning of this AirSep Home Concentrator.
  • pdf logo   Maintenance Instructions provides information on routine maintenance, filter replacement, battery replacement and cleaning.
  • pdf logo   Troubleshooting Guide offer extensive information on diagnosis common problems and their solutions. Includes a troubleshooting chart.
  • pdf logo   Service Manual provides detailed technical information and schematics for this 5 Liter Concentrator.
  • pdf logo   Oxygen Tubing Condensation includes an abstract, preventing rainout, alternatives to oxygen humidification,
  • pdf logo   Smoking Risks and Medical Oxygen offers information to reduce the risks of fires and burns when smoking and using oxygen.
  • pdf logo   Long Term Oxygen Therapy Study by the Ottawa Hospital.
  • pdf logo   AirSep Warranty provides details and warranty period schedule for AirSep Oxygen Concentrators.



Additional Information

To be compliant with current FDA regulations, we require a prescription for selected Portable Oxygen Concentrators, Home Stationary Concentrators and Pulse Oximeters. Prescriptions are NOT required for replacement parts and accessories. If a prescription is required for an item in your order we will inform you of the requirement and ask you how the prescription will be provided.

Prescriptions may be sent via:
Fax to: 1-801-733-5797
Email to: [email protected]
Mail to: 7910 S 3500 E Suite C, SLC, UT 84121

If you are unable to obtain a copy of your prescription we are happy to contact your doctor and request the prescription on your behalf.

  • Vitality Medical ships CAIRE products only to customers within the United States of America.
  • CAIRE Inc.'s logo text, graphics and photo images are the property of CAIRE Inc. and are used with permission. Copyright ©2020.





Additional Information

Additional Information

Manufacturer CAIRE
Brand AirSep
Rx Type Concentrator Stationary

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